Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Please Tell Me I'm Not The Only One

Now that I'm a mother (and maybe even in the last week) I have:
  • gone four whole days without brushing my hair - it goes straight from shower to ponytail again
  • left the house with one of Lucy's hair clips holding back my bangs and I didn't notice until someone at the library looked at it weird
  • arrived at a meeting thinking I am well put-together only to pick a baby booger off of my shoulder
  • woke up uncomfortable to find a pacifier digging into my ribs.
  • marched down a public street with people around making trumpet noises pretending to be in a marching band just to get a baby laugh
Motherhood = no shame


Carrie said...

I haven't done those exact things, but I distinctly remember the day that I was getting ready to go somewhere, hopefully just the grocery store, noticed that Ethan had spit up on my shoulder, thought 'eh', and went out dressed as I was.

Kate P said...

I thought it was "no inhibitions."

Kathy said...

Been there done that. Ah, the things that become acceptable in your life as long as your kids are happy, healthy and well cared for!