Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me and My Shadow!

My cool, laid back kid and I went shopping yesterday.  We went to the Seattle Outlet Mall about 40 minutes away.  I just lucked out so amazingly to be graced with a kid who doesn't mind riding in a car seat just to ride around stores in a stroller in order to get back in the car seat and come back home.

I was dress shopping for a wedding this weekend.  I thought we were on the ebb side of the marriage wave.  I mean, it seems like by the time you're in your thirties, one by one all of your college friends are married, and then you're riding the baby wave.  But somehow a whole lot of our friends all got twitterpated last year or so and we have six weddings to go to this summer.

So, I was looking for a dress that I could possibly wear to all of these weddings.  I know.  And also?  I'm one of the only one in these groups of friends with a baby - I guess we were at the beginning of the baby wave.  That means I'm the chubby SAHM in a crowd of fit DINKs.  It's surprisingly difficult to figure out how to dress my new body.  But that's a subject for another thrilling weight-loss post.  So, not only was I looking for a dress but I was looking for something that would make people say "She looks great!"  and leave off the "...considering..."  

Something trendy and well-made, something that proves that I haven't lost touch with fashion completely.  But also something that won't make me freak out if Lucy's dinner doesn't agree with her during the ceremony.

I found a cool dress that basically fits all of the criteria, and my baby cooperated rather cheerfully while I picked out and tried things on.  The stars aligned and the shopping gods smiled down on me.  One reason Lucy was so amenable?  There are mirrors in the changing stalls.

Meet Lu's cute little friend:

I just LOVE it when she plays with her hair.  It's a sleepy thing.  So is the beating of the chest.  The playing with the hair, though, is just the cutest.


KAO kid said...

I cannot pretend to be surprised that she is so fantastic--look at her parents!!!

I love being able to watch her do her thing on these videos!!! So awesome!

Mary said...

Sooo cute :-)

Carrie said...

Love the outlets. Cannot get out of there without spending $200 or more. The combo of Ann Taylor and Carters is fatal for me :)

She is so so cute!!!!

maggie said...

I was wondering if you made it up there! Good for Lucy being all Perfect Baby in the car.

Anonymous said...

I happened to talk to Adam last evening and he was telling me about the video. It is so cute!!!! Grandpa mike

Kate P said...

"Who's the cutest of them all?" Lucy!

Lindsay said...

very cute...and definitely dressed like a little girl..