Saturday, April 18, 2009

FYI: Pink = Girl

This weekend is wedding-rific for us.  Our great friends are getting married this afternoon, so this week has been busy with excitement and preparations.  Nap time has been used for wrapping and making things, awake time has been spent shopping, running errands.  And getting ready to see friends from out of town.  And YAY!  I LOVE WEDDINGS!

Yesterday I was at Macy's home department just after it opened at 10am.  The only people in the store were me and Lucy and the entire retirement community of Seattle talking about the firmness of their down pillows and whether their husbands snore and what thread count was nicer.

As I was waiting for some customer service help a nice older couple was in front of me in line to return something (even if I didn't already know they were old, I could tell by the way they kept calling the receipt a "sale slip").  They spent some of the waiting cooing at Lucy.

At one point the old man - can I just add here that he seemed to be a normal person and have all of his faculties - asked "How old is he?"  And I paused.  Because Lucy was wearing strappy girl shoes, dark pink pants and a light pink sweater.  But then I thought, well, whatever, maybe the old guy is color blind and said, "This is Lucy.  She's eight months old."

To which the gentleman replied "He sure is a BIG boy!"


Carrie said...

it's a great day for a wedding- have fun!

People are so funny- Lucy is obviously a girl!

Lisa said...

OMG...I had the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE with an old man at Church the other day. My husband was with me too, and we both looked pretty puzzled when the old man called Olivia "he" twice in a row, after we said something like "she's hungry" or whatnot. And she was in a dress! I just think old men see all babies as boys.

3carnations said...

That "he's a big boy" comment really made me laugh, which was painful, due to my backache. But it was almost worth it. :)