Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Miss Lu is Eight! Months! Old! 

And cuter every day!

I know, I go through this every single month, but it’s hard to believe. I was talking to a friend yesterday who just had a baby and she said “I can’t believe she’s a week old already!” Tell me about it, Girl. And then I talk to my sister who can’t believe hers are in college already. Doesn’t matter the time frame - it flies by while you sit and blink.

It’s like being so fascinated by the little expressions that Lucy makes that I don’t often look at her whole face. I’m concentrating on the arch of her raised eyebrow or the purse of her lips or the wrinkle under her eye when she squints and I don’t often see it all together unless I look at a photo or concentrate specifically on looking at her whole face.

When's the last time you vacuumed, Mom?

While I’m keeping vigilant watch on the little moments of every day, the weeks are sneaking past.

Lucy has been playing with her toys differently lately. It really is amazing to see the learning going on from one day to the next. Instead of chewing on her board books, Lucy has started turning the pages and pointing at pictures. Don’t get me wrong, she is still very interested in how they taste (my little gourmet!), it’s just tempered by the pretty pictures. She has also discovered that the beads move on her bead roller coaster. Before, she was picking up the entire toy or pushing it around on the carpet. Now she concentrates on one bead and tries to pick it up.

"Three singing pigs say La La La!"

Lucy is terrified of trying to crawl. She doesn’t HATE being on her tummy (it’s definitely not her favorite) but she will stay well within her known balance range while reaching for toys or Mommy or whatever. She’s got Urdhva Mukha Svanasana perfected, but when I put her knees under her, she starts screaming. It’s kind of nice that I can still put her down and she’ll be in the same general area when I come back! No cords to hide! No attentiveness to keep things from being thrown down the heating vent! But at the same time, I want her to start moving because she’d be so HAPPY if she could Just. Reach. That. Toy.

She does like standing, though. She’ll stand at the couch and play with her toys. And the other day she was playing on the kitchen floor and kept trying to pull herself up on her highchair only to get stuck with lock-kneed legs jutting off to the side every time. The coordination isn’t quite there yet to support that kind of gymnastics.

Electronics are delicious!

Lucy is madly in love with being outside. She loves watching the ducks swim in the canal and the big boats go by. She will also sit very contentedly on a blanket in the yard watching the birds and gently touching individual blades of grass.

I wonder what THIS tastes like...

I’ve started feeding Lucy little chunks of food along with the pureed stuff. Despite the fact that everything the girl touches goes directly into her mouth without pause, she will absolutely not put a small piece of banana from her high chair tray in there. We’re still working on it.

There are the first two little teeth in Lucy’s mouth that still haven’t quite pushed through the gums yet. They’re trying so hard, though. Every day I look at them and say “Maybe today!” and they just stay there lurking, making Lucy rub her ears with her shoulder (in an incredibly cute little shrug-ish movement) and drool great big viscous drips onto her shirt (not so cute).

Here are my blue eyes.
Can you see my teeth hiding in here?

In summary, Lucy is awesome, and I really like being her mom.


Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

soooo SUPER cute!

-R- said...

She is adorable, and she looks like she's a lot of fun!

Kate P said...

She is the poster child for "cute." Don't tell my niece & nephews.

I remember when my sister was nearly crawling! She used to rock back and forth on her hands & knees--and go absolutely nowhere.

KAO kid said...

Little Ms. Lucy is Little Ms. Adorable!

Congratulations on the fabulousness that is your little one!!!


Lindsay said...

Ahhh! The second picture! That is priceless. I'm still chuckling. She is gorgeous, Liz--but you already know that, don't you? :o) I really do feel like she should be a Gerber baby or something. She just shines no matter what her facial expression. She's got a lovely little glow going for her.

Beanie said...

My mom has always said I went from lying down to walking, maybe Lucy is the same way?

Also - my word verification was spitup. HA!

Lisa said...

So friggin adorable!