Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crabby-Pants McWhinerson

Lately I've been dealing with the WHINE.  

Lucy could win the gold if whining were an Olympic sport.  I wonder what the world record is for longest consecutive high-pitched whine.  

I've been blaming everything on teeth, but I started reading The Wonder Weeks by Vanderijt and Plooij and have some new things to blame for the incessant line of whine.  This book basically says that when babies hit big developmental milestones that it's super scary because the world they understood and were comfortable with is upended.  And then they get more clingy and more whiney until they figure it out all the way or get used to it.  I find that to be fascinating.  The teeth aren't off the hook, but they're not the only culprit in my go-to list anymore.

LE SIGH.  Being whiney is TIRING!

Either these teeth better pop through pretty quick here, or whatever she's working on figuring out better come to her.  Ohlordplease.

Mama needs some WINE.


Carrie said...

Whining is the worst. I was so happy when Ethan outgrew it. I considered running away from home several times. Per day, I mean :)

Manda said...

Can I just tell you that this post helped me TREMENDOUSLY this week? Syd has been freaking out all week and NOT napping and everyone's all "oh, she's teething!" BUT MY BABY HAS TEETHED BEFORE AND THAT WAS NOT IT. When I read this it was like a lightbulb went off ... the kid has had a major growth spurt and is suddenly pushing up on all fours ... that would freak me out too! Except I'd be like one of those superheroes staring at my hands all the time and laughing maniacally (ok so maybe I'd be a bad guy?) over my newfound powers. LE SIGH INDEED.