Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last week was a bisnatch and I really appreciate your support. I do hate complaining about my amazing lot in life, but sometimes the negative aspects of it all gang up on me and I am thwarted with no choice but to whine.

In the interest of therapy, I went to Ikea yesterday for a little organizational pick-me-up. That place is a black hole of time and money – I went for a couple of small things, and of course I left with a cart full of stuff I “need” and a way lighter pocketbook. I did get a box for toys so I don’t have to look at them in a pile cluttering up my miniscule living space

The box itself has become a toy…

something special to make a gift for a wedding shower I’m headed to this weekend, and a gift for me: glasses that match. I chose these:

Tres cute and the price was most definitely right

And since Lucy slept from 9-11:20AM yesterday, we had a great couple of afternoon hours wandering around touching all the stuff in the store. Well, that and making eyes at all the old ladies cooing. When we were going back to the car, one lady even stopped in her van in the parking garage with a line of cars behind her to baby talk at Lucy. The girl is going to have some ego issues when she’s older.  To be sure, I’ve gotten so used to the attention when we’re out that I’m borderline insulted on the odd occasion where no one comments on Boo’s cuteness. Like, did they not even SEE her?

And today I have a busy day full of grocery shopping and going to the craft store to get the rest of the stuff for the wedding shower gift I’m concocting.   And then actually working on said gift project.  

I am also slowly working on answering the questions that Lindsay sent to interview me, but man, she’s a tough interviewer!  I might have to just post one question a day for the next week.  We’ll see how far I get what with Lenten internet fasting and other responsibilities.


Carrie said...

Love the glasses and so glad you're doing better this week.

I can totally relate to the whole 'why aren't you adoring my child thing'. You get used to a certain level of attention and then when it doesn't come... confusion. I still get confused when I go out alone and people ignore me. Although I am well aware that I am not as cute as Ethan :)

Lindsay said...

Hehe, sorry! Answering one question at a time is completely acceptable. :o)