Thursday, March 5, 2009


I think I told you guys that I'm helping teach the Youth Group at our church, right?  Well, there's a class that I've been needing to take, well, a safe environment training, really.  And I've been meaning to take it since the beginning of the school year since I started this gig.  Except that it's never convenient enough to take it.  

There's on a random Wednesday at 6pm in West Seattle.  I can't really see myself fighting to get there at six in rush hour traffic, and that would mean that the Bubba would have to come home at, like, 3:30 for that to happen.  Or there's one on a Saturday but it's an hour plus drive each way, and it's a 3 hour class, so that would be an entire day away from my baby.  And even if Lucy could do it chilling with her daddy, I don't know if my BOOBS could take it.  And the one time in this three month period that the class is anywhere near my Home Zone is on a week day.  At one pm.

But I need to stop making excuses because I dedicated my time to the youth group and this is a requirement of that.  So I bit the bullet and signed up for a class.  It happens to be today.  At one pm.  Which is usually the very start of nap time, so no biggie if I were to leave Lucy with a sitter.  Except that I don't have one.  The Bubba was going to come home and hang with Lu for a while, maybe bring work home, maybe go back in at 4 after my class.  But he was called to San Francisco today to take some photos of cracks in the concrete at the building he designed. (And he's already coming home early tomorrow so that I can go to some admin work at my tutoring job because he's awesome and supportive like that.)

SO.  I guess all this to say, I'm going to try to - wait for it - go to the class WITH LUCY.  AT NAP TIME.  And you should all say prayers for me.

This is another one of the infinite examples of how it's hard to raise a child without any family around to help.

And here are some photos I've been meaning to post, because, and lets be honest now, they are the main reason you show up here. 

Chilling. The girl loves her sunglasses. She must be from Seattle.


Lisa said...

Oh, good luck with that. I'd totally volunteer to babysit, but I don't have my Leer Jet fueled up. HA! No local mom friends available to take on one more for a few hours?

-R- said...

Cutest pictures ever!

We tried to take a picture of Warren wearing sunglasses, but he HATED them and screamed. (We took the picture anyway.)

Lindsay said...

She looks like a little diva. Gorgeous.