Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Showers

The weather has been flipping me the bird lately. It’s the first day of spring, you know. And Seattle weather is warm-ish and super crap. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. I let my guard down.   I let myself get used to the rainy mornings that turn into sun-breaky afternoons that are lovely and smell of mud and fresh growth. And then Lucy and I can walk down to the canal and point at the ducks that just woke up from their rainy naps splashing around for a snack.

(Oh, by the way, in the bathtub the other day the girl said “guk! guk!” when reaching for her rubber ducky, I kid you not. I’ve been trying to get a repeat performance out of her, but as soon as her daddy’s in the room she looses all hope of concentrating on anything other than him. So, as far as anyone else is concerned I might have made this up.)

It’s hard to be homebound and there are just not a lot of options for Things To Do Outside The House That Don’t Cost Money. There’s Target and the craft store and the GermsRUs community center playrooms, but even there I end up spending at least $5-10 for entry and something caffeinated to deal. Not like going two blocks to watch the ducks.

So I’m trying out the Creativity. What to do with a seven and a half month old inside all day? That won’t drive her or me crazy? Sad headshake to the latter, I have a sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with the cookware in the lower kitchen cabinets.


Anonymous said...

a bowl of corks and a big spoon!

Kate P said...

What, she hasn't learned to do needlework yet? ;)