Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Sorry I drug you guys through my dental issue... But then again, if that's not what a blog is for, then I must have a skewed vision of things.  I will try my very hardest not to mention it again.  Except to say these things (and then I'll be done):

1) the hygienist said "you haven't even had the pain yet!  The pain is in the bill!"  Awesome.  Thanks for your input.
2) I would rather have pushed a baby out again than to have that done.  Mostly because I didn't have a full understanding of what a crown is.  According to my dentist they were going to "put a band around the tooth so the crack wouldn't bother me"  And I was all "That doesn't sound too bad!" HAH!
3) Somehow the dental assistant bruised my throat.  No joke!  I have a bruise on the side of my throat by my back-est molar and it hurts to swallow.  Ham-fisted clown.
4) The muscles in my back are SO SORE.  Like I worked out too hard yesterday.  Except that I didn't.

Ok, now I think I'm done talking about it.  *deep breath*  Let's talk about something nice (for a change).  How about Lucy??

Lucy's teeth are just under her gums.  I can see the tiny little white lines, but they're not through yet, so we're not quite out of the woods regarding that issue.  To be perfectly honest, the first time I saw them I felt the Mommy Pride.  Like no kid has ever gotten teeth before.  But it's another step of She'sGettingSoBig.

She's not crawling yet.  She not-so-politely refuses even though she doesn't mind being on her tummy and working on the Strategic Roll.

Modeling a hat I made:

She plays this new "game" where she'll be chewing on one of her toys and then she'll offer it to me for a "bite."  She thinks it's hilarious.  It still amazes me that she's a little person with a personality.  She's awesome.

Laundry day, hanging out in the hamper

Daddy lets me play in the dirty clothes...


Carrie said...

They bruised your throat? That's awful!

Oh, Lucy is so so cute! I'm sad that I didn't get to see her today. Hopefully soon. Love the hat too, she looks very stylish.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE THE HAT. I actually just wrote hate, but then realized that was in reference to the dentist. But, yeah. Love the hat. Why is everyone so domesticated & talented? BAH.

-R- said...

She really could not be cuter.

Kate P said...

Aw, she was probably offering you a bite of her chew toy in "mouth agony sympathy."

I want to gobble up those pink cheeks!