Monday, March 9, 2009


Meet Lucy.

Lucy is seven months old.

Lucy is a Leo, both contagiously enthusiastic and more than mildly bossy.  Incredibly charming, this girl will win your heart and bend you to her will before you catch your breath.

A master of vocal creativity, Lucy says Da-Da, which is her best "said-on-purpose-to-mean-the-actual-person" word.  She says Mama every so often, but is not as consistent in her meaning, assigning this sacred term to her diaper or shoe or the vase of twigs in the corner as well as to the woman who gave her life.

Lucy has a grand repertoire of sounds and pitches to entertain the ear.  She inspires laughter at the accidental intelligence of the luck of putting sounds together.  Her new accidental word is ba-na-na.   A trickster to be sure, Lucy makes you check to be sure she didn't actually mean "banana" or "come on" or "program" whatever it sounded like she just said.  Also, the percussive repetition of ba-na-na has the potential of reminding the listener of the M.I.A. song, which may or may not constantly replay in your brain.

Always performing with her hands, Lucy is slowly mastering the art of American Sign Language.  Unfortunately, the under-coordinated motor skills makes it difficult to decipher some of the words this conversational neophyte wishes to convey.  However, Lucy is a master of communicating her frustration in no uncertain terms she is not immediately understood and obeyed.  Her most solid sign is "all done" followed closely by "more".  The sign for "milk" has evolved its meaning into "come pick me up right now, please" whether or not she is actually hungry.

Lucy's version of "more"

Lucy is a good sleeper and a good eater, as she has been since day one.  Her favorite foods are apples and avocado.  She does not care so much for pears no matter how we may try to convince her how good they are for the output side of things.  She will, however, deign to eat them if nothing else is offered.  Her beauty regime consists of about 12 hours of sleep between the hours of 7pm and 6:30am and four baths each week followed by a lotion massage.  Daylight savings time has thrown a bit of a wrench into the Nap Schedule, but an upside is that she slept in a little later this morning leaving her servants to catch up on their sleep too.

Always insisting that changes originate with her, Lucy does not enjoy being forced into physical activity when she is placed on her stomach with toys out of reach.  However, her capabilities of scooting and reaching for objects of interest multiply when she is left to her own devices.  She does, nonetheless, love when people around her are active in a physical way.  One of her favorite places to be is snuggled in the nest of her new jogging stroller.

Before and after:

Lucy's newest trick is to try to stand up by herself since the appendages of people supporting her tend to get in the way of the interesting things to play with.  Though she has to lean her core against a solid object, she makes sure to have her hands free with which to create the maximum amount of mischief.

Both sassy and extremely lovable, Lucy is just an endless joy to her handlers every day.


Carrie said...

She is growing up so FAST!!! As always, still ridiculously cute. Happy 7 months, Lucy!

Lisa said...

It's amazing how fast change from little bundles of baby into little people with unique preferences and desires. She's a doll!

Emily said...

She is absolutely one of the most beautiful children I have ever in my life laid eyes on. What a beauty! And talented, too!

Lindsay said...

Here's hoping she never loses the rosy cheeks!

Kate P said...

Wow, 7 months! And standing up!?

Is it wrong that I think I'd like to have her wardrobe for myself?