Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Update

I am back from getting my mouth molested by the dentist.  Oh My Goodness, I am so miserable.  Don't judge, but I am still crying.  It was basically my worst case scenario.  I almost wish they would have just taken the tooth out and given me a bridge or something.  Dentures.  Whatever.  Either way I'm pretty sure I'm never going to eat anything ever again.  

Drama, much?  Sorry.

And evidently Lucy woke up from her "nap" 5 minutes after I left and fruck out screaming until I got home TWO HOURS LATER.  She is joining the mouth drama and is cutting a couple of teeth of her own.  

Right now she's perfectly happy playing with her wooden blocks and picking at the carpet.  And thank God, because I really don't have a lot left here.  I just have to keep it together for another half hour or so until nap time when I can crawl in myself and slip into a coma for a while to get over myself.


Carrie said...

I'm so sorry it was so awful!

Love the word "fruck out". Fabulous!

Feel better soon!

Manda said...

Sounds like time for leftover Percoset/Vicodin/Codeine/whatever they gave you when you checked out of the hospital!!!!!
Sorry for your pain, Lizzie. :)

Manda said...


Like so: :(


Kanuck said...

Ouch, that sucks.
I never had dentist anxiety, and usually had good teeth (or so I thought). I went to a new dentist a few months back (many years after moving and realizing it just wasn't convenient to see one in a city 5 hours away when visiting mom) and was told I had many, many of those 'early decay'/cavities between teeth that my previous dentist had obviously never bothered to mention. So, 3 appointments for fillings. Yeah.
First one was fine. Second one? Well, lets just say the freezing didn't actually freeze. I could feel the whole thing - drilling, picking, filing (the filing was the worst), etc. Somewhere around tooth #4 things finally started to get numb, but up until then I was lying there gagged and crying and trying not to panic at the thought of a raw never being hit (which didn't happen, thank goodness). Am really, really not looking forward to #3 now.