Thursday, March 12, 2009

In a Nutshell

My day:
  • I was wondering why I kept feeling like I was pushing the jogging stroller up a hill, then on my cool down, I realized the brake had been on for the whole two miles.
  • I made pita bread from scratch today.  And it turned out!  Very exciting.  Unfortunately it's delicious and will not last long in the land of carbo-hounds.  Now I have to find a good falafel recipe.
  • Lucy will not deign to take a normal nap since Sunday.  40 minutes and done - but then she is very crabby/needy for the rest of the day.  Mom needs a nap too.  Or a vacation.  Or a day at the spa.  Or at least a massage.
  • I haven't had my one allotted cup of coffee for the past two days and I'm feeling it right now.  As in, having a hard time putting sentences together.  At this point, should I have a cup to feel better or should I just wait one more day and feel better without caffeine?
  • I really want to go get my eyes checked and get a new pair of cute funky glasses.  I keep telling myself that if I had a couple different pair, I'd wear them more often than my contacts.  I never pull the trigger.
  • There's a pile of clean laundry that I put in the middle of the floor so that I'd remember to fold it and put it away.  I keep stepping over the darn thing instead.
  • I seriously need a basket to keep toys in.  "Put away" right now means in a pile by the front door.

Evidence of pile-o-toys

  • I finished two knitting projects.  Ok, not just today, but I just found photos of them, so I'll post them. #1 a short-sleeve sweater thing for my own self 

#2 leg warmers for my little worm: (or sausage casings as Maggie would call them)

The end.


Kate P said...

Wow, look at that sweater--is it purple or indigo? I don't trust colors on my laptop screen. Either way, I like it!

Definitely get your eyes taken care of. :)

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, Liz! Your handiwork is quite impressive, and that first picture of Lucy warms my heart beyond belief. I know I've said it before, but her rosy cheeks are amazing. She is so beautiful! You know, I blush all the time, and I never found it attractive--if anything, it was just mortifyingly embarrassing!--but seeing it on Lucy's beautiful little face, I can see the appeal. Your daughter seriously could be a baby model. Gerber baby, step aside.

maggie said...

I said that with LOVE.

Manda said...

OHMYGOSH I am so glad to hear that someone else's baby suddenly refuses to nap. Today was THE WORST. The kid went down at what WOULD have been 6 p.m. last week (she usually goes down around 9). And that was just because she wore herself out TRYING to stay awake all day! BAH!
Also? The glasses thing is overrated. I got a new pair soon after Syd was born and it worked out great until she realized she could forcibly RIP them off my face and shove them in her mouth while my hands are occupied schlepping around her enormous weight. Sigh. The moral of the story is that I shouldn't have procrastinated so much BEFORE she was born ... that way I would have had cute glasses on her day of birth (instead of my years-old, outdated prescription).
Also? CUTE SWEATER!! Love the legwarmers/sausage casings. I really must become more crafty. Maybe when the next kid comes ... ha!