Thursday, February 26, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Seattle,

Are you kidding me? You do this to me Every. Year. 

Every February you tease me with nice weather that smacks of spring.  Warm breezes send the smell of salt water to my neighborhood.  I go outside and actually see the sun.  My winter coats somehow migrate into the back closet and their places are taken by jackets on the hooks by the door.  I plan new exercise regimes that involve lots of time on the jogging/biking trail.  I start making a list of seeds to get for my little garden.  I rake up the leaves and long grass from the winter.  

I get happy.

And then?
Please stop.  I am so vulnerable to your whims, and I don't know how much longer I can take your wicked taunting.



Anonymous said...

The smallamount of snow pictured in the photo syas "It's Spring in Seattle" Now here in Wisconsin we are awaiting the 6-->8 inches of wet heavy snow expected this afternoon.. Yeserday's rain that froze into about an inch of ice at 7:30AM (commute time) is gone!!!
That little bit of snow, which disappeared by mid day I bet, is nothing. I can tell you are loosing your Wisconsin toughness!!!! Love ya Dad Theiss

Amber said...

Ha Ha.. Dad beat me to it! Girl I am so over winter here.. hang in there!!!

Kate P said...

They keep mentioning snow around here, too--scram, winter!