Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tastes Like Victory

Evidently it’s been a while since I’ve been out walking around after dark. Since Lucy started going to bed around seven (cue heavenly chorus), that’s usually the end of my night too. I’m not really even sure what goes on around here between 7 and 9:30 when I’m usually getting ready for bed. I know. A thrilling life I do lead.

Anyway, I digress. The Fremont neighborhood in Seattle is kinda hippie, kinda artsy, really chill. We have a huge bronze statue of Lenin in the “downtown” area and two coffee shops and a handful of bars, maybe a dozen restaurants. We don’t usually frequent any of these businesses due to the tightening of the proverbial belt, but last night was an exception.

We had a small victory we were celebrating, so after we put Lucy to bed, I walked down to the Thai restaurant for some take-out. It seemed like all the weirdos and riff-raff came out of the woodwork especially for me. There was the regular street guy hanging outside the corner market thingie, but he had three loud friends with him. Then there were a handful of crazies under the awning at a restaurant that’s only open for breakfast and lunch. Then there were a few more on the corner by the Thai restaurant. They all seemed to want to talk with me. I’m just not used to it anymore.

For the walk home, I decided to take another route so I wouldn’t have to go by all of them a second time and with a bag full of takeout. So I went down the less busy street and came across a guy squatting and bathrooming behind a dumpster. He called out to ask if I had any toilet paper, heh heh heh. Gross! Where did all these people come from all of a sudden? It hasn’t been THAT long that I’ve been removed from the evening scene.

Oh, what? You want to know a little more about what we were celebrating and a little less about our crazy neighborhood indigents? I can’t see why, but ok, I guess.

Well, the day before we went on vacation, my Bubba’s company cut about 25 jobs. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s not a huge company. That works out to about 18% of the positions. The boss-men called people into their offices one by one to give them the news, and word made it around the office of what was going on. The company uses a sign in/sign out software so that everyone knows who’s in the office/at the jobsite/out sick, etc. As people were let go, their names would be deleted from the sign in software and they would be locked out of the shared computer files. Bubba said that people were glued to the screens of their computers watching as names were deleted from the software, watching the number of total employees decrease and avoiding phone calls.  Basically worrying and wondering if they were next.

My Bubba wasn’t. In fact, we just got word yesterday that he was promoted to E3! That’s engi-nerd speak for Level 3 Engineer. That comes with a modest but not-nothing raise. It’s because my Bubba’s so smart and such a good worker, and in his own words, a Ninja-neer.

And we celebrated with delicious Thai food after a trip through Weirdoville, population: Too Many.


Elizabeth said...

Congrats to Bubba! What a relief for both of you, I'm sure. And Hooray for the 7 p.m. bedtime!! That rocks.

maggie said...

Ninja-neer- that is awesome. Yay Bubba! Mmm, Thai food.

I don't walk anywhere after 7 in my neighborhood either. You know my neighborhood. GAK.

p.s. the word verification on this comment is 'twightly'. Which should totally be a word, don't you think? I'll give you the pleasure of defining it.

KAO kid said...

This was so hilarious!
I am certain Chicago proper would not suit you any longer either...wierdos on every corner...tons of shady things all of the time. SWAT is in our neighborhood frequently executing search warrants...guns drawn, bullet-proof vests--the whole thing!!!


Manda said...

Holy wow ... I have yet to see anyone taking a crap behind a dumpster in my neighborhood but we have driven into our driveway to find a homeless guy rifling through our trash! WHEE!
Congrats to Bubba ... what a nail-biter THAT was!!

Kate P said...

Congrats to the ninja-neer! (And please don't let my mom know about the Lenin statue or she'll never let me come out West.)