Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Storm Before the Calm?

I have a very sweet Bubba.  We had a laid back long weekend.  There wasn't much of anything going on.  A little bit of work for both of us, dinner with friends on Saturday, church on Sunday.  A couple trips to the park so Lucy could swing.

But we sure are all tired today.  Last night we decided to wean Lucy from swaddling.  

It's gotten to the point where she's so strong she Houdinis herself out of the wrap multiple times a night, wakes up crying, and one of us has to get up and tuck her back in.  We have had enough.  We are of the opinion that anything waking US up at night = not ok.  I had a conversation with a friend yesterday, too, and she said it's easier to let them cry it out when they're younger - when they're older it's so much harder not to go to them.  I have a pretty hard time listening to Boo cry anyway, but I was ready.

We wrapped the girl with one arm out like the pediatrician recommended.  But she could. Not. Fall. Asleep.  The Bubba was in there holding her free hand and singing softly until she gave up.  It only took about 30 minutes - I had steeled myself for worse.

But then the wake ups.  I totally lost count last night.  I think the Bubba took care of three of them, and I was up at least four times.  Plugging her pacifier back in, giving her the lovey to hold on to with her free hand...  

Not to mention the fact that Lucy is a huge whiney mess today even after an almost-two-hour ( partially unswaddled!) nap.  I got 40 minutes of Happy followed by 40 of Melted Into a Puddle of Misery on the Floor or On Your Lap or Wherever I Am.  I guess I should just put her back down for another nap.

This is when the self-doubt is at its worst.  What am I doing?  Is this the right thing?  My word this is a drag for everyone involved.  I'm miserable.  Lucy's miserable.  I'm sure my tired Bubba sitting at his desk trying to figure out some problems is miserable.

It'll be worth it, though.  



Carrie said...

it will be worth it. Hang in there, it takes a few days for babies to get the hang of something new. But your friend is right, younger is easier than older for most habit changes. good luck!

Emily said...

We weaned Asher when he was four months old, and I remember it took about a week, and then I was all, that was it? It got much easier with each consecutive night. Just don't back out - it will make it even harder the next time!! You can do it - when you're done, you'll all be happier.

Emily said...

Oh! I was also going to say, how does Lucy feel about sleeping on her tummy? Our pediatrician gives us the ok for tummy sleeping once kids can either roll over well or reach six months of age. Would she sleep better like that if she's not swaddled?

With baby number two, everything I do I think, Am I going to have to break this habit? It doesn't stop me from doing it (i.e. swaddling, rocking, laying them down totally asleep) but I do think about it. Because I remember how tortured I was about breaking each of those habits, even though it wasn't such a big deal after it was done.

And I'll stop talking now, because OMG HOW MUCH BLATHER DO YOU NEED TO HEAR.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, it is worth it. I know it's hard. Olivia was never a swaddler, but she did feel the need to wake up in the middle of the night even though she wasn't really hungry. So around 5 months, we did the cry-it-out thing. It took three nights to get it down, and she's been sleeping like a dream ever since. The trick is to teach her that she can calm down and go back to sleep on her own. It makes it easier to put them to bed awake too. Hang in there.