Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

I think Lucy’s growing. Not only does she eat like it’s her job during the day, but she’s been waking up between 2-4 every early morning to eat a feast before passing back out. Which is great, I mean we like growing babies! But, ugh. I'm so not used to waking up in the middle of the night anymore. Mommy needs her sleep.

Lucy’s been watching me very intently as I eat for the past couple of weeks. But for the past few days she has not only been watching the food-to-mouth trajectory, but she’s been opening her mouth and grabbing at my silverware. After I take my bite of yogurt, I’ll put the clean spoon in her mouth, and she makes the motions of tasting it and swallowing. She’s been getting mad and crabbing at me when I don’t put my spoon in her mouth.

So I figured that it’s probably about time to cave to her protests and try some solid food. I hesitated a good long minute, though. I mean, I just got my breastfeeding back on track – should I screw with a good thing again? But then, food right now is just for the experience of it, not for nutrition.  And after all, she turns six months in a few short days!

I mixed some rice cereal with some breast milk to very soupy proportion. Then I spooned the tiniest bit into her mouth. She tasted it with pursed lips, but not a drop came out. She swallowed it and then looked at me with a knit brow. I put the spoon full of cereal in her mouth again and she laughed out loud. My baby’s not really a laugher. She’ll smile, sure, and she’s very cheerful, but you have to tickle JUST the right funny bone to get her to laugh her husky “huh, uh-huh, huh” laugh. She bit at the spoon and then chuckled like she was laughing at some sort of inside joke.

I had to look at her and wondered “how much of this do you get?” because it just seemed like she was incredibly pleased to FINALLY get some of what I was having. About time you caught on, Mom.

Either way, she loved it. And keeps wanting more.

First taste of sweet goodness

And more!

And carrots!

And I even let her have a lick of the banana I was eating.  
She wasn't so sure about that one.


Carrie said...

Those pictures are too cute! Enjoy your food, Lucy!

KAO kid said...

This is just about the most precious thing!!! How completely fantastic to be able to see her growing, even though you are so far away!

Thanks, Liz!!! =)