Friday, February 13, 2009

Diaper Roulette

Lucy wears cloth diapers 90% of the time.  I read somewhere that to be truly more environmentally friendly by using cloth diapers, you'd have to wash them in warm water and hang them to dry.  I only have 10 diapers, which turns out to be a little more than a day's worth, so I'm doing diaper laundry once a day(ish).  Hanging dry is not really an option.  So I don't feel so bad putting her in paper diapers every so often.

I prefer paper diapers when we're going out.  Something about potentially having to rinse a diaper in a public restroom makes me gag.  Or having to carry around a dirty cloth diaper in my bag.  Not ideal.

With the new addition of solid foods to her diet, Lucy has these not-quite-breast-milk-not-quite-solid-mostly-sticky-grossness poops.  This stuff sticks around like caulk.  In order to clean it from a cloth diaper, it either requires rigorous scrubbing in the toilet or liberal scraping with toilet paper.  Neither of which are generally fun.

Yesterday when we went to the play room, Lucy had on a paper diaper and when we got home, I got to change a very dirty diaper before I put her down for a nap.  And all I did was throw the diaper away.  

That got me thinking.

I LOVE it when I put her in a disposable diaper and she poops.  I feel like I just beat the system.  Like I just WON something.  It's an intensely satisfying gamble, because it's so rare that I win so big.

If you figure a baby, we'll call her Lucy for the purposes of this statistic, poops once a day. Well, maybe twice in three days - the solids slow things down considerably.  And if I change 8ish diapers each day, then I have a one in twelve chance of winning Diaper Roulette.  

Well, actually, we put Lu in paper diapers at night because it's just easier.  And she doesn’t poop overnight, so we can rule out that change. So that makes 7 changes on average per day. 

Then lets say Lucy poops 3 times a week on average.  That equation would be 3/7x7 = 3 out of 49 or about 1 in 16, but exactly .061 so 6% chance of gambling and winning. 

Not rigorous to three standard deviations, but it's a good gamble.

Last night we changed her into a paper diaper for bedtime and she pooped again.  Twice in one day.  I should hit Vegas.  But then again, according to my statistics, I'm screwed for, like, the next two weeks.


Tara said...

We use cloth too (most of the time, disposables at night). When Shea was about 15 months I convinced my husband to assemble a diaper sprayer that attaches to the toilet. We got the parts at the hardware store for pretty cheap-- it's basically like a kitchen sink sprayer hooked up to the toilet. Makes the poopy diapers SO much more bearable. Many online CD retailers sell them but I found that this was about half the price.

Anonymous said...

We just hang a rigid plastic spatula, emblazoned with the words "poop-patula", on the side of the toilet for scraping. Or, use a flushable rice paper liner. BUT, the nastiness of scraping is why my boy was pooping on a potty at 8 months old!

maggie said...

I have often thought the same thing re: beating the system. Yet I have never been tempted to CALCULATE THE ODDS. Impressive.