Monday, February 23, 2009


One minute I had a little baby who was little and needy and helpless and then overnight she turned into a big girl who can move around to get stuff that she wants and voice her opinions - both good and bad.

As of this weekend, I have a relationship with Lucy – one that she recognizes. She started calling me Mama! When it started about 10 days ago, I figured she was just vocalizing and accidentally spoke the word I’ve been repeating since she was born, but I kept encouraging her to say Mama when she looked at me. And then on Saturday, she looked at me and said “Mama” plain as day without any other chatter. OH! The melting of the heart! (I should add that she’s been calling for her Dada for about 2 weeks now when she gets up in the morning. She is SO Daddy's girl!)

Something has happened this past weekend, and my baby grew up so big. Also on Saturday, she was up from her nap and I changed her diaper and then she made the sign for milk! It took a minute for it to click, because her default is constantly moving her hands like she’s dancing Flamenco. But then she did it again, and the request for “milk” was unmistakable.

Incredible! She’s a human! She thinks!  She has thoughts of her own when she thinks about things! What a shift in my paradigm!

I think I’ve grown up this weekend too.


Carrie said...

How fun that she's communicating now! It's going to be a whole different world for you. Ethan isn't terribly vocal (at least that I can understand), so I still get shocked when I say something to him or ask him to do something and he responds or does it. It's so amazing that the little blobs we produced actually become little people! :)

Lindsay said...

Next thing you know, she'll be saying, "No!" Or perhaps asking for a nice glass of Merlot.

Congratulations, though. I imagine that is incredibly exciting. She can verbally express her love for you now. :o)

Elizabeth said...

It all happens in the blink of an eye. Once they really catch on to this communicating out! Soon she'll be demading "pacies" (pacifier) and "cackers" (crackers) and shouting "PEASE" (please) in a whiny voice whenever she REALLY wants something.

Kate P said...

All right, Lucy! Now you can answer the phone when telemarketers call. :)

-R- said...

That is so awesome!