Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Awesomely Pathetic

All three of us have a cold.  It seems like yesterday was the worst day and we're all getting better today, but it sure has been pathetic.  I've got nose and throat issues and the Bubba and Lucy have the nose thing as well as a drainage cough.  It is just so sad to hear the sounds of a little cough coming from the crib and to have to wipe baby's runny nose.  Lucy already has the low volume whine perfected for optimum reaction from mommy.

Nothing's more fun than playing with Mom's lozenges!

In reality, it hasn't been too bad, and Lucy's been a champ about it.  Mostly it just makes me feel bad that she has her first cold.  Somehow she avoided that nasty flu, so I assumed that she had some sort of superhuman immune system.  What?  That's a natural conclusion to jump to.  And she is now fallible.  But her six month check-up was fortuitously scheduled for yesterday.

The doc says Lucy's weathering the cold just fine and not to worry - the cough might last a while without being contagious.  Which both sucks for her and is good for our social life.  

And I know you are all wondering about Lucy the Incredible Growing Machine's specs.  So here you go.  She's 28 1/2 inches which is still off the charts - greater than the 97th percentile.  Her weight is 17 pounds 9 ounces: 75-90 percentile.  Which happens to be on the heavy side for a wimpy mom and a bjorn or moby wrap.  Must. Purchase. Stroller.  The cranium measures 42.4 cm.  To sum up: GO TALL SKINNY GENES!

I was totally the worried mom at the ped's office yesterday.  I felt like I kept asking the same questions over and over.  Mostly because Lucy still sleeps fully swaddled, and I'm worried that at some point we're going to have to stop doing that and how do we?  Doc said it's not that big a deal but gave me some pointers on how to wean her off of swaddling.

And then there's the question of solid foods.  What do I feed her?  I mean, I know it's not supposed to count calorically until she's a year old, but there really aren't very many guidelines for what foods when and I'm the kind of person who works really well within set parameters.  My doc is really good at simplifying everything - she just said feed her whatever is categorized as stage one in the baby food aisle.  I make my own baby food, but those are pretty good limits.

So I went to the grocery store to get a feel for what foods are stage one and to grab some diapers and cough drops and kleenex.  You know the essentials.  And Lucy refused to sit in a cart.  Fine, she's a new sitter, that could potentially be scary, fine.  Except that somehow between holding a writhing Lucy and grabbing stuff off the shelves, I strained a muscle in my back.  Whine!  So now my right side is a little slower than my left and I keep getting bad crampy feelings like charlie horses in the middle of my back.  Not fun.  More whining.

To add to the indecent amount of patheticness in our household my Bubba just called to say he got in a "little accident" on his bike on the way to work.  And you "can't even tell" unless he smiles.  He's calling to see if our dentist can do some emergency repair of some sort to cover up the chunk of Bubba tooth that's somewhere on 5th Ave.  Sigh.


Carrie said...

You poor things! I hope everyone is recovered soon. It's no fun to be sick, especially when it happens to everyone in the family at once. Feel better soon!

Elizabeth said...

Ugh! Rough Day! I remember the baby food thing vividly. We did the homemade baby food, and Olivia loved it! By nine months, she was eating stuff straight off the table, though (as in, whole green beans instead of mushy). She had lots of early teeth. I think she got at least 30 percent of her calories from table food by ten months. She was always a hungry little thing.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and the shopping thing...only gets worse! Olivia enjoyed the shopping cart for, like, a month until she started trying to climb out. I have to strap her in TIGHT now and try to distract her to keep her from trying to climb out or just screaming until I let her down. Which also isn't an option because she immediately runs to the nearest shelf and tries to see how quickly she can clear it of its contents.

Cori said...

We did the homemade baby food thing too, although I started by mixing applesauce or mashed banana with Gerber rice cereal. I also gave my daughter soft fruits and veggies in a Munchkin feeder, which she loved, because she could feed herself. An awesome resource that I still use frequently (my baby is 11 months now) is First Meals by Annabel Karmel.