Thursday, January 1, 2009

Year In Review

I consider this past year to be a success.  I'm fatter and poorer than this time last year, but I'm happy!

We went on vacation out of the country not once but twice.  I started blogging.  The Bubba passed his PE exam with flying colors.  We rearranged things so that I could stay home full time and work on the foundations of my business.

Oh, and, you know, we had a kid.  

I certainly have learned a lot this year.  Like snowshoeing is fun.  And when you work for yourself you have to be wicked motivated.  Or that it's amazingly satisfying to help your husband reach a goal.  And being part of a community like the one we found at our church makes all the difference between being lonely and feeling settled, finally.

And I learned things like being joyful about menial tasks repeated day after day is actually possible when it's changing diapers and feeding your own baby.  Also? Babies are expensive.  Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise.  Also?  Babies are awesome.

In 2009 I'm looking forward to seeing family in the Midwest, watching my baby grow and develop and have her first birthday, getting my business going for realz, and sinking in to the life that we've made here.

I resolve to be healthy and happy and continue to grow and learn in my all of my various roles.

Happy New Year, friends.  I hope 2009 holds great things for all of you.

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Elizabeth said...

I learned a lot of those things, too! Happy New Year!