Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're Leaving. On a Jet Plane.

I've got a busy week going on.  Not like there's something to do morning afternoon and evening (well, besides Lucy, Lucy, Lucy), but there's something to do at least every day.  And that's already a lot.

I'm trying to get organized for our trip to Wisconsin this Friday.  Ugh.  I can't even brainstorm a list of things to do before we go because there's just so much I want to do that I don't even want to see it written down.  I know only 2 or 3 things are going to be crossed off the list, so I have to make them count.

Laundry is number one.  I mean, since I have three outfits that fit me that I wear every single day, that's kind of important.  Also must remember that relatives have washer/dryers.  Other than that, I love to leave a clean house.  I'd love to have the time/energy/patience/motivation to change sheets and dust and move all the furniture when I mop the kitchen and bathroom or vacuum the rest of the house.  But who are we kidding?  

Maybe I'll put "sweep" on the list.

We're pretty excited to get back to the midwest again.  My Bubba is one of 7 children and I am one of 5, and it will be a kind of family reunion.  All of his siblings are converging in WI for his grandma's "Christmas" celebration this weekend, and all of mine are getting together next weekend to meet Lucy and for her baptism.  It will be the first time that our siblings will all be together since our wedding.  We haven't met our nephew yet and none of my brothers have met Lucy.  So it's kind of a big deal.

So then there's Lucy.  She's 5 months old tomorrow!  She's an active kid, too.  If she's not on her own kicking and rolling, she likes to be walked around.  Any advice from travelers out there about stuff to bring to keep her occupied on a 5 hour flight?  (Carrie, how did you keep Ethan happy?)


Carrie said...

I suppose I'm obligated to answer, aren't I.

We traveled with Ethan at 3 months old, and he slept the whole time then. And then we didn't travel again until 15 months old. So take my advice with that in mind. We took lots of toys, ones that maybe were new or that he hadn't seen in a while. A whole bag full of smaller toys. And we got a portable DVD player so he could watch Baby Einstein. He's not allowed to watch TV at home, so that was a novelty to him.

I bet Lucy will just like looking around at everyone too, that'll help keep her occupied.

Good luck and have a GREAT trip!!

Carrie said...

Let me know when you're back and we'll go do something. I'm getting bored of January and the rain already :)

Elizabeth said...

Fun! A trip to the Midwest. If it were Olivia on the flight, I'd say get her up early and keep her awake until you get on the plane so she sleeps through it. Because there's nothing that keeps that kid happy on long trips unless she can get up and run around. I'm not sure the flight attendants would like that at all.

Jess said...

I always want to leave a clean house to come back to when we travel. I would say I achieve that goal maybe 1 out of every 10 trips. It is just so rarely feasible.