Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quick Update

We made it. We're here. Some excitement getting here, but that's a topic for when I have more time to just let it all out.

Some fun facts!

-The high temp for today is NEGATIVE SEVEN. God help us.

-It was two degrees yesterday and the kids still went outside to play for the half-hour of recess. Then, I imagine, they all went to the school nurse with frostbite and phalanges falling off and things of that sort.

-The windchill today is NEGATIVE TWENTY TO THIRTY DEGREES and the kids still have school. Suckers.

-Lucy has somehow figured out how to perform an amazing blowout with every duce she drops. It's especially interesting when we're, say, in a really turbulent airplane that never turns off the seatbelt sign.

-My future imaginary house will have a big beautiful fireplace. Mmmmm. Delicious.

-Lucy is in absolute love with all her little cousins that entertain her. So am I. I've decided without a doubt that a baby should automatically come with a nine-year-old indentured servant.

-It the Bubba's THIRTIETH birthday. Happy Birthday, old man. Sure do love you.


Carrie said...

Happy birthday to Bubba! Tell him 30 isn't so bad. :)

Looking forward to all the details of your travels. Stay warm and have a great time!

Elizabeth said...

You came to the midwest in the midst of a series of cold fronts. Didn't anyone warn you? But Wisconsin, when isn't it cold?

maggie said...

Happy 30 Bubba!

The turbulence is why *I* can barely force myself onto an airplane. I don't know what I'd do if I had my babies with me too. I am terrified TERRIFED! Eagerly awaiting your wise counsel when you return. SMOOCH.

Kate P said...

Definitely take full advantage of that fireplace--BRRR! (The cold temps are coming my way.)

Happy B-day, Bubba!