Friday, January 30, 2009

Pagan No Longer

Lucy got some Holy Spirit when we were in Wisconsin.  

That was the primary purpose of our trip, in fact.  We figured, after much debate, that it would be nicer to have her baptized in Wisconsin around family than to have her baptized in our lovely parish here.  Well, one deciding factor was that I also know the priest at my mom's parish, so it wouldn't be a bunch of strangers not caring about this particular kid's baptism.  

You know you're in Wisconsin when 
the church is having a snow-blower 
raffle advertised in the narthex.

Almost all of our siblings made the trek to come to meet Lucy and be at her baptism.  The baptism itself was OK.  My mom had talked to Father M to set everything up and I had emailed him and the parish secretary as well.  The Bubba and I completed our faith formation classes at our parish here in Seattle and we got the OKs all around.

Lucy tried to do sit-ups to get out of the basin.  
Also, how many chins do you count in this photo?!

Father M decided that day the homily was going to be very hellfire and brimstone, which seemed a leeeetle out of place for a baptism. And the actual baptism only took about 6 minutes. Which was fine with me knowing that this was not our parish and not our regs.

Aaaaand, baptized.

It was fine and all, but next time?  I would definitely rather do it at our own parish where our friends know our baby and our own priest can do the honors. 


Carrie said...

Love the snowblower raffle! Congrats on the baptism.

Anonymous said...

TO Lucy and her mom and dad;
As a grandpa it was wonderful to be able to brave the cold weather, yucky roads, and the flu bug to be part of her Baptism... I can understand how your home parish community would have been nice. BUT us tough Wisconsinites were happy to be part of this Catholic Christian tradition....For the next four kids you will be able to celebrate in your nice "home" parish...thanks for coming to Wisconsin grandpa Mike

Kate P said...

Welcome aboard the ark, Lucy!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats to Lucy! She looks so happy in her little gown.

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Stop with the chins already!!
You're gorgeous (inside and out).

Lindsay said...

Eeee! How very exciting! Congratulations!! :o)