Friday, January 2, 2009

In Which I Play a Sexy Sassy Secretary

So!  About this New Years Eve party our friends threw.  It was a Mad Men theme party.  

Meet Lizzie as Joan Holloway:


Not too shabby, eh?  Well, maybe not quite as smokin', but I can try... 

And the Bubba was The Bubba In a Skinny Tie.  He doesn't watch Mad Men.

Then Lizzie drank too much champagne on an I-Forgot-To-Eat-Dinner-Because-I-Was-Excited-About-Dressing-Up-For-A-Party tummy.  And that means that the Bubba woke up with the baby and let me sleep for most of New Year's Day.  And then we ate junk food like pizza and Coke all day and were entirely too lazy to do things like dishes.

Here's to starting an already AWESOME 2009!


Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

You worked it girl!!

maggie said...

Um, perhaps you need to introduce me to the friends who throw MAD MEN THEME PARTIES.

Ann K. said...

I just started watching season 1 of "Mad Men" (Yea, Seattle Public Library!) and looooovvvve it! You did Mlle. Holloway justice!

Kate P said...

Hot stuff! Happy New Year to all of you. :)