Thursday, December 11, 2008

Speaking of done....

Since I published that list of things I wanted to tell you, I suppose I should follow through.  

On all but one.  I am not going to ask your advice about my Bubba's company party.  Because I decided not to worry so much about it.  It will, in fact, be the VERY FIRST time the Bubba and I go out alone for a date since Lucy was born.  I'm not sure whether I'm going to be ready to rush home to her half an hour into cocktails, or if I'm going to drink my share and shake my booty and come home with blisters asking the babysitter if she might be able to stay all night...  Either way, I'm ready for some adult time.  The last two weeks have been quite a challenge.  Both for the Bubba and for me.

As I was just typing that, I remembered a dream I had last night about going to a friend's baby shower where they served cupcakes flavored with Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans.  They were chocolate-pepper cupcakes with booger icing.  Doesn't that turn your stomach?  The whole dream was me indignantly wondering who in their right mind would serve such disgusting things to a pregnant woman and being appalled that no one else noticed the thoughtless catering.

Huh.  Analyze that, suckers.  Actually, I apologize for that little glimpse into my subconscious.

ANYHOO!  On to fun knitting projects!  Now, keep in mind this is catch up.  I've acutally had some of these finished for a while - I don't just sit and knit all day.  Not that I'm rationalizing.  I wish I could sit and knit all day.  Maybe someday when I win the lottery and open my yarn store.  Or my pig farm, I really can't decide what I'd do with all that ka-ching.

Remember way back when I was trying to decide what would become of the scrumptious Italian yarn a friend sent me?  Well, TA DAAAA!  It became this magnificent little sorta-ribbed sorta-not sweater for the Boo.

I added the ruffled ribbon for a little pop and the buttons, if you can see them, are mother of pearl and each one is etched with a scrolling leaf pattern.  Too darn cute.

You can bet the Lu-berry Muffin will NOT be wearing this at mealtimes.

Next up, something for ME!

I never knit myself anything anymore, mostly because it's so much more satisfying to knit something for someone else and see their joy in it.  But I do have to say, that it's fun wearing something I made and get compliments on it.  Like this slouchy beret that I knit in a cashmere blend.  Tres yummy.

And next in my new line is outerwear for the fashionista bebe.  Lucy's little friend Sicily needed some mittens and a hat.  So cute I might have to make a matching set for Lu so she doesn't feel left out.

Little crocheted flowers make everything cuter, don't they?

And finally, for a little holiday spirit...

Tiny little tiny mini sweaters to dress the tree.  Seriously.  How cute are these ornaments?  You can't really tell from this photo, but they're hung by tiny hangers that I made out of bead wire.

Don't tell anyone (namely Maggie) but I'll probably be bringing these for the white elephant exchanges at a couple of parties this month.  They're more fun than a gift card to starbucks, right?  Right?


Carrie said...

Love the stuff you've knitted- so cute!

You will have a great time- enjoy the freedom and the time with your hubby. You'll miss Lucy, of course, but remember, it's a good thing for you guys to get a break and remember occasionally that you are husband and wife first, and parents second. Have a great time and have a drink for me!

Elizabeth said...

You should start an Etsy store with all your amazing craftiness. I'd buy your stuff!! In a heartbeat. I WISH I could be so crafty.

Kate P said...

Look at your awesome knits! That beret looks very soft. Hope the party is fantastic.

Lindsay said...

You have SKILLZ! Your kids and future grandkids are so lucky.

maggie said...

I sort of hate you and your knitting skillz. I say that with love, of course.