Monday, December 15, 2008

I Must Taste You Before I Can Befriend You

We've all still been trying to recover from the Bubba's company party on Friday.  We had so much fun, and the band was awesome, and we danced all night only to come home to a wide-awake baby at midnight!  So, we've been dealing with a crabby over-tired little human for the last couple of days.

Yesterday friends of ours came over to visit.  Nathan and Alicia moved to California so Nathan could start a PhD program in engi-nerd-ing.  I'm still a little bitter about them moving because they're lovely and wonderful, and their daughter Mia is two days older than Lucy.  Yep.  So not only were we good friends before, but we went through our pregnancies together step-by-step.  We commiserated over swollen appendages and excited husbands.  If that doesn't make a good friend, I don't know what does.

Anyway, they're back in town for the weekend and making the rounds visiting all the friends they left here (unfortunately!  because I'd like nothing more than to have them all to myself!).  But Mia and Lucy had a chance to hang out and meet each other yesterday afternoon.

And it was amazing.  For me.

I still kind of see Lucy as an extension of myself.  I mean, heck, she came out of my own self, and then I spend all day every day with her, even producing food for her.  It's easy for me to forget what an individual she is.  With likes and dislikes and opinions and attitudes.

Seeing Lucy and Mia together jarred me back to the reality in which my daughter is a Person.  Different from other babies and other people.  The girls are very different physically.  Mia is a little peanut.  Teeny tiny, petite and slight with huge brown eyes and curly hair starting to grow in.  Lucy is a moose (I mean that in the best of ways, Darling Girl!) with her all-cheeks-face and blue eyes and stick-up hair.  Lucy has a good couple of inches and 5 whole pounds on Mia!  

Developmentally the girls were identical.  They were doing the same bounce-kicks and the same wild arm gestures and the same recognition and wonder of the people around them.  But their personalities were totally different.  Mia was emitting peals of adorable laughter and keeping a close eye on her Mama, and Lucy seemed to be intensely analyzing the situation and trying to eat Mia.  At one point, Mia did manage to get Lucy's face into her mouth for a taste.  

And they are now fast friends.


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Elizabeth said...

They are too cute! It's fun to have friends with close-in-age babies. Our Olivia is an amazon woman compared to her same-age friends too.