Thursday, December 18, 2008


Stupid Seattle and their lack of things like Salt Trucks and Snow Plows.

There is no traffic on our arterial street.  Seattle has been declared a ghost town for the day, school and work cancelled.  For everyone but the Bubba, that is.

I was going to walk around the shops in Ballard, but now, Lucy and I might not even get out of our pajamas today!


Carrie said...

Enjoy your snow day! Daniel's working here today, thankfully. Hope you hubby stays warm and safe!

Jess said...

I didn't realize I read so many Seattle bloggers until today! I hate you all! I love snow and we never get any here.

Elizabeth said...

Snow days at home can be good or bad, depending on how many days you've been home alone with the baby! I loved them last year when I was working and it gave me and excuse to be home with her, but now they usually fall on days when I actually had something planned. Boo!