Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Done and Done

The last cookie has finally left the building and I can hopefully get back on the dieting track.

The year after the Bubba and I moved to Seattle, my aunt and uncle ended up moving to Snoqualmie (not too far, for those of you not familiar with the magnificent Great Northwest).  Now we get together in early December every year for Cookie Saturday.

This is when the women make cookie dough and get together to bake and decorate them all day. And the men sit and yell at football on the TV.  This year we made sugar cookies, walnut-honey shortbreads, snickerdoodles, dark chocolate hazelnut cookies, and the requisite Lepkuchen.  The last ones are my favorites - they're German molasses-whiskey cookies.  So dark and chewy and yummy with raisins and walnuts! Yum!

So anyway, the only ones that didn't make it out of here alive were the chocolate hazelnut ones.  But you guys, they were delicious BROKEN.  I can't give away broken cookies on a cookie plate!  I think you'll agree that I just took one for the team there.  

Mr. Scale told me to lay off, though, or he'd go on strike.

Last year at this time, I was making my way through 8 dozen cookies thinking, "I'm pregnant!  I'm supposed to gain weight!"  Hah!  If I could go back, I'd tell the pre-hugeness me to be careful.  Not don't eat the cookie.  Just don't eat eight of them.

Hm.  Maybe that's something the post-hugeness me can learn too... Staaaaartiiiing.....NOW!


Jess said...

What? Not eight cookies at a time when you're pregnant? But isn't that the point??

Manda said...

Dang dude I wish I would have been able to gorge on cookies last year!! I was SO dang sick at Christmas time!! I'm tempted to make up for it this year but...
my scale is also on strike!