Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advent Musings

So, I was sitting alone with Lucy at church today (the Bubba's working mad crazy hours for a deadline on Friday, sigh.) and thinking.  I was struck during our priest's homily today, as he talked about making a way for the Lord to enter our lives.  He said, almost in passing, "We don't do good things to get God to love us.  He already loves us.  We do good things BECAUSE God loves us."  And then I didn't even hear the rest of his homily because I was thinking about that.

I don't know about you, but that makes me so happy and excited, I just want to jump up and down.

 I've been thinking a lot this Advent about how Jesus was born a human. A helpless little baby.  And Mary and Joseph took care of him.  And probably munched on his cheeks like I do to Lucy. 

And it has struck me as completely AMAZING.  What a responsibility!  Was Mary just like, "Oh, ok, *shrug*" when Gabriel came around with the tidings of joy, or was she thinking "Wai,wai,wai,wait.  You want me to what, now?"

As a mother, I guess the most I can hope is that I can give Lucy a good grounding in the Catholic faith and the strength of character to be a good person and to make good decisions.  But for Mary and Joseph wasn't that already decided for them?  So did they have it easier than, say, us raising regular old non-deity-born-with-original-sin kids?  Or was Jesus a snot-faced kid who got in trouble for messing around with his dad's tools?  Did he get a sound spanking for not staying close after Mary and Joseph found him in the temple?  Is it blasphemy to even write that?



Carrie said...

I think that Advent and Christmas definitely takes on a whole new meaning after you've been through pregnancy and motherhood. I frequently think of Mary at this time of year and wonder what she was really thinking. It's all hard enough when you're married and have a nice, warm home, I cant imagine what it would have been like for her.

Have fun munching on Lucy's cheeks :)

Manda said...

I think the thing that makes Jesus so easy to relate to is that we can know that he experienced everything that we do in life. How amazing that he was willing to go through that just so that we could know God!!
I'm thinking a lot of these things during Christmas too. Having a baby in the house ... it makes you think of the birth of the savior in a whole new light, doesn't it?