Monday, December 8, 2008

4 Whole Months

That's how long I've known my baby.  We have her 4 month check up and boosters tomorrow, so I will update you on all her oh-so-interesting specs when we get back from that.  But I thought you might like an unofficial update since I'm sitting here in my robe with my computer and the baby just went down, and I have a minute to spare.

I love this picture because she's grabbing her feet together with her toes.  And I love that she's picking at the bear's nose because it feels different.  And that she biting her tongue.  All right, I admit it, I think my baby's pretty darn awesome.

Lucy started rolling over on Thanksgiving - and then last Thursday she decided to entertain us with a quick barrel roll.  Back! Front! Back!  That was pretty exciting.  Her response is complete bewilderment.  She gets a look of consternation on her face like "what just happened?" for a moment, and then just continues on trying to get the toy or the pacifier or whatever we bait her with.

She started passing things from one hand to the other. That's pretty cool to see. And she's much better at finding her fingers to put in her mouth. That said, everything goes into her mouth for a thorough munching be it finger or toy or Mama's neck or sweater. And the drool. Oh, my! the drool.

Her new trick is to take her pacifier out of her mouth, play with it and then (try to) put it back in.  Mostly she puts it in her eye instead of her mouth, but she's working on it!  Almost.  there.

She's still vocalizing like she's actually telling us something.  The inflections she puts in her voice crack me up.  She's moved from d's and l's to m's and n's and b's to change it up a bit.  You know, keep it interesting.

I couldn't decide which 4 month bear picture I liked better, so I posted all of them.  I didn't think you'd mind (Grandmas?). 

PS - these are 12 month pj's and they're none too big.  I'm wicked curious to see how much Lu's grown in the past 4 weeks.


Elizabeth said...

OMG, she is so adorable! The hair! I just want to squeeze her.

KAO kid said...

So, I do think that Lucy is the most adorable little lady!!!

Her gigantic blue eyes, and her perfect everything = fantastic!