Monday, November 17, 2008

You Gotta Have Friends...

Today was not my finest achievement in the weigh-in department.  Well, it wasn't wicked bad, I lost one surprise pound (which is still definitely something!).   College friends of the Bubba's from Wash U were here to visit this weekend.  College friends who aren't married and don't have kids.  Who do things like go to bars without a moment's consideration.  Who sleep in if they feel like it.

You get the point.

Wandering around downtown

Hunter and Nyree came from California and Chelsey came from Colorado.  They stayed at Leif and Kristy's house, because God knows we don't have room for one guest, much less three!

Me and Lucy, Pioneer Square 
(evidence of the new mom-buttless jeans)
(you're allowed to leave comments about how hot I look)

And we did things that we haven't done since way before Lucy was born (I was totally antisocial in the last few - ok 4 - months of pregnancy).  We went wandering through galleries downtown.  And then the boys stayed home with Lucy and Enza and watched football while the girls went shopping in the boutiques of Ballard and to a wine bar for a mid-afternoon snack.  It was amazing.  

We call this: Enza Contemplating Grate

And that evening we put the babies to bed and had a lovely dinner of roast beef and sweet potatoes mashed with kale and cheese, and french bread!  and gravy!  and spinach salad!  with candied pecans!  and more wine!  And I didn't worry about watching what I ate.  And we told funny stories and we laughed.  And it was like no time at all had passed since the last time we saw them.  And yet there were so many stories to tell and toasts to toast.

Those are my favorite kind of friends.  The kind that when you see them even if it's after years of being apart, it's as if nothing has changed. 

Lucy loved the attention.  She and Enza were passed around and loved all weekend.  Lucy's vocabulary has widened just from the weekend too - I don't know if it was being around so many talkers or what, but she came up with the "d" sound as well as some strings of gobbledygook that clearly mean something very important and intelligent, ifyouplease.

Chelsey meeting Lucy

It also changed her sleeping.  God help us.  Since the weekend revolved around (gasp!) us, Lucy had to sleep when she slept and eat when she ate instead of being on a meet-every-need-before-it-is-manifested schedule.  So, the past two nights after 10 glorious nights of solid sleep, Lucy's been waking up twice or three times.  Sigh.

But it was worth it.


Elizabeth said...

You look superfab in the jeans! It's so nice to chill with friends. It helps you remember that there is life outside of your house, and that is important.

Kate P said...

Lookin' slender there, Liz. I'm fighting serious hair envy, too.

maggie said...

Couldn't read the rest of your post. Was blinded by the hottness.