Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Holy busy week, Batman.  I've been running around like mad DOING stuff.  I know.  I don't usually do stuff two days in a row.  I need one day off in between doing stuff days to recover.

Lucy discovered new sucking toys - her fingers.

Thanksgiving is this week.  For all of you that forgot.  And that means charity adopt-a-family type things that I've been involved in at church.  Grocery shopping for that was less painful than I had anticipated, and then there was sorting and delivering, etc.  It's done and some sweet families have turkeys and potatoes and stuffing that wouldn't have been able to pull it off this year.  That feels nice.

Poor Lucy didn't even have a single nap in her bed yesterday.  That also partly because we went to see friends in the morning.  I leave you with some evidence of the cuteness of the tiny friendships among these tiny people because I have a crap load of stuff to get done around here for Thanksgiving now that my obligations elsewhere have been fulfilled.

Lucy and Sicily having a conversation.  
(Jack in the background busy playing)

They were actually smiling and cooing at each other. The cuteness!

Lucy and Molly posing for the camera.  Cheese!


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Oh the personality in that face! Such a doll!