Thursday, November 20, 2008

People Pleaser

My husband is a Pleaser.  He very sincerely believes that there is a way to make everyone happy all the time.  It's a frustrating quality, mostly because he sees us as a Unit and therefore everyone else is the target of the pleasing...

It looks like Lucy got some of those Pleaser genes.

We went to the doctor today to get the one booster that they were out of at her 2 month visit.  I wanted to wait until the 4 month visit which is just in a couple of weeks here, but the nurse encouraged me to get it right away so there was no risk of running out again.  I guess we shouldn't mess around with Polio.

We got in the exam room, and got Lu's pants off to bare her ample thighs to the nurse.  The nurse poked Lucy, who cried breathlessly for approximately a second and a half.  And then she was fine.  As the nurse put a bandage on the injection spot, Lucy looked up and gave the nurse her biggest smile.  And said "aaahlooooonnaaaaah".  The nurse said it made her day and that children never smile at her because she gives the pokes and does the uncomfortable prodding and whatnot.

Crazy kid.


Carrie said...

She's such a sweetie!

Lindsay said...

I am a people pleaser, too. I'm getting better, because I have been a doormat my entire life, and it's not fun.