Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Two Cents

I kept Lucy up this morning so that she'd pass out when I put her in the Moby to take the walk to the Fremont Baptist Church to cast our votes.  She obliged beautifully - she fell asleep before we even walked out the door.  

On the way to the church, I stopped and treated myself to a decaf latte just to congratulate myself on my right to vote and add another bit of occasion.  The barista told me that she heard the lines at the fremont polling place were two hours long.  That dampered my coffee treat a little as I imagined trying to breastfeed Lucy or change her diaper while waiting in line to vote.  Ugh - *shudder*.

But we got to the church and I waited in line behind only two people to sign in and get my ballot.  It's chilly in Seattle today - mid forties - and Lucy and I bundled up against the cold wind for the walk.  Well, the church was about 80 bazillion degrees with the people moving about in two small rooms and I had the hot coffee that felt so nice when we were outside.  As I leaned over to sign my name on the ballot registration sheet, I could feel two drips of sweat course down my back.  To make things more interesting, Lucy woke up the moment we stepped into line.

Even though the registration line was short, the line for the booths was considerably longer.  And there were no extra pens to be had in the entirety of Fremont in order to take the ballot even into the church and fill it out in a pew, so I waited dutifully for a booth with a pens attached.

Bounce, bounce, bounce,  "Shhhhhhhhh, it's ok, Lucy" bounce bounce bounce.  Sweat running down my neck.  Bounce, bounce.  Sing Twinkle Twinkle under my breath to Lucy, wipe sweat from my temple.  God, why won't someone let me go in front of them?

Finally a guy came in and announced to the huge crowd of people waiting for a booth "There are more booths in the room around the corner" in a duh!-you-didn't-know-already? sort of tone.  I rushed to the other room, and lo and behold!  A booth!  For me!  By this time, Lucy's fussing and wanting to get out of the Moby.  Ugh. 

Bounce, bounce, fill in the YES circle, bounce, swing, bounce, bounce, fill in the NO circle.  Wipe sweat from forehead.  "You're ok, Lucy, we're almost done!"  It didn't help.  She started full-on crying, so I had to extricate her from the folds of the Moby and hold her facing outward so she could flirt with the people around us.  Except!  Everyone around us was voting!  No one to entertain the Lu-Bird!  Excruciating!  Wah!

Take break from voting to apologize to the room of people for my crying baby.  No one looks up.  Try to make sure I remember who and what I'm voting for as I turn back to my ballot.  Realize I filled in the YES box on one issue that I meant to fill in NO.  Crap.  Have mild panic attack.  Cross out the YES and fill in the NO circle.

Shift 15 pound sack of whine to sit on my leg as I press my foot into my right leg.  Quickly go through the voter's pamphlet to make sure I'm voting the way I want to.

Skip reviewing the finished ballot in order to move with the crying baby, hoping that I at least got my presidential and gubernatorial votes right.  I'm pretty sure I did.

Put my ballot into the machine - which spits it right back out because of my YES to NO vote.  People look up.  Oops.  Slide the ballot in the side and get the eff out of the sauna that is the polling rooms.

Done.  Whew.  Even though the ceremony of today was a little bit marred, I still got my vote in.  And it'll be counted.  How awesome is that?

I voted!


Lindsay said...

So glad I did an absentee ballot. Of course, this means that I still have never actually gone IN to vote, so I still haven't had that experience. Probably a good thing, because I wouldn't know what to do.

Elizabeth said...

What, no electronic voting machine? They make things SOOOOO easy!

Kate P said...

What Elizabeth said--you guys need electronic voting badly.