Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just the Two of Us

I ate dinner on the kitchen floor tonight.  I sat with my bowl of chili that has been stewing in the crock pot all day and I had the most wonderful dinner companion sitting in her swing talking to me the whole time.  She smiled and laughed her "ccckkkkk" laugh and basically told me how happy she is that I was around.

Even though the Bubba was in San Diego doing his big important meet the architects meetings and schmoozing dinners, I went to my youth group thang.  Oh, did I tell you?  I started helping out with youth group at our church.  It's my Wednesday gig now.  Two hours-ish of hanging with middle schoolers learning how to be faithful and good little people in their every day lives.  And I learn a little from them too.  It's a good trade.  And it's something fulfilling for me to do outside of my little at-home world with Lucy.

So I went to youth group tonight.  And I left Lucy with friends.  Normally, I leave her either with the Bubba or not really ever longer than an hour or so with other people.  I had to leave her for two. Whole. Hours.  And I totally did.  I never even checked my phone.  I only thought briefly that I hope she wasn't melting down like she has the last couple nights.  And I only once or twice asked myself if I mentioned that the pumped milk was in the fridge.

And I missed her.  It was great to get back home and see her smile.  What an amazing little person!  And she is sitting next to me in her swing, and (I imagine) is telling me everything that happened while I was away as I am slurping down my chili.  An amazing conversationalist, she won't let me get away with not responding.  She's insisting on her points in her convicted little way.  

Lucy's awesome.  Every once in a while I look up from my day-to-day humdrum and say my God, how did I get so blessed?  I am so blessed to be sitting on the kitchen floor with a bowl of chili and this sweet amazing baby.

And now it's time for the humdrum routine of bedtime.  But I have a feeling that the magic of this moment's going to linger for a little while...

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Elizabeth said... sweet. They are fun when they start to babble. And isn't it great to be so adored by a little person?