Friday, November 21, 2008

I Wanna Be a Loser

I haven't gone to the gym in weeks.  When I'm able to go, I just can't muster the energy.  Our gym doesn't have child care, so the able-to-go timeframe is  before the Bubba goes to work or after he gets home - that is 5-6 am or 7-9 pm.  I just can't fabricate enough motivation to make it work.

And it makes sense for us right now to concentrate on tightening the proverbial belt instead of the literal one.

I have to say, I'm a little bit disappointed.  After Lucy was born, I had big plans to hire a personal trainer to help me along my post-partum weight loss route.  Someone to show me what is effective with melting the incredibly tenacious back boobs.  

I think I've learned that there's no magic bullet for the back boobs (or the gut, or the thunder thighs) and that general weight loss is the only thing that's going to cut it.  That's a sad realization for a first time mom/nervous eater going into holiday season.  I see a whole bunch of cookie temptations in my not-so-distant future.  Mmmmm Lebkuchens.

But, I got the Biggest Loser workout DVD from the library the other day (Thank you, Jesus, for the library).  And?  It's awesome.  

Have you seen that show?  I think it's super inspirational - I'm not certain that loosing as much as possible as quickly as possible is really the healthiest thing, but the things these people do to push themselves are incredible!

And I like the cardio DVD for a more than a few reasons.  You can do any part or all of the workouts in any order.  So, no doing more than I can handle, and no getting bored.  Also?  It's really tough.  No pussy-footing around for these guys.  And there are people from the show doing the workout - that is to say porky people like me on the screen and not super skinny people that all do the moves effortlessly.  I figure, if they're pushing themselves like that, I can too!

I've done it for two days now and it's totally kicking my butt.  Actually, last night I slept poorly because I'm sore.  I figured out that I can do one of the workouts and shower quick before Lucy wakes up from her morning nap.  

Well, that of course, only happens if I don't spend the time blogging.


Carrie said...

Good for you being motivated and doing the DVD! It's so hard when your gym doesn't have daycare and you're so tired in the mornings/evenings. But you've gotten started, and that's the toughest part!

maggie said...

That's awesome! Go you! I sometimes think if I didn't have a treadmill a flight of stairs away from me AND a computer that functions as a television, there is nooooo way I'd be getting any exercise whatsoever. I'd never go to a gym, even if it had childcare and trainers who looked like Austrian ski instructors. And you know what? The weight WILL come off. Promise.

zeghsy said...

oh, if i were closer, i say i'll watch lu for you and you two go take some ballroom classes. :)

Kate P said...

Aren't videos great? I have one that I swear has the most random crew of exercisers--one of them HAS to be the girlfriend of the director or something. She's all sweaty and babbling, and I'm snickering and working out at the same time.

Elizabeth said...

You rock! I'd say the home routines are probably easier to keep up with than the gym when you have so little "free" time with a baby. Yeah, you're home all day, but who wants to go to the GYM during your one or two hours away from the baby. That seems like WORK!