Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Weekend

We dealt with a major fussypants last night as we wrapped up a super busy weekend. Our costumes for the party Friday night ended up being only a little bit lame. Lucy was the cutest little pun'kin you ever did see, and the Bubba and I were mommy and daddy pumpkins.

Cute enough for the last minute.

Then Saturday we went to a baby shower for some friends that are due at the beginning of December.  Maggie throws a mean party, yo.  And I left with a bunch of loot - who knew I was such a genius at the Price is Right - Baby Items?  Ok, well, I guess I DID just go through buying or wanting to buy all kinds of baby crap in the past few months...

Eliana tickling "Baby Woocie"

Back at home we were all trying to recover from a late-ish night and a busy morning, and my Bubba turned to me and said "Thanks for making us such nice friends."  This struck me as super funny.  Partially because it's silly, and partially because it's true.  The Bubba's not really an outgoing person.  Don't get me wrong, he's a great conversationalist and is funny and fun.  He's just not assertive and won't go out and meet people.  While I on the other hand, well, I walk up to people hand extended and say "Hi, I'm Lizzie, I'd like to know you."  (Much to the everlasting embarrassment of the Bubba)

But we do have nice friends and I love it.  Even last summer, this wasn't the case.  We see a great group of guys from the Bubba's work intermittently, but they're mostly single or married without kids and you know that once you have a wife and a kid, those relationships kind of change.  Especially when all of your conversation topics include eating and sleeping patterns and new skill developments in infants...

One of the things I really love about this our group now is that we all really enjoy each others' kids.  Each baby is passed from one person to the next and everybody takes turns holding the little babies and playing with the toddlers.  We're all in the same stage of families, one or two babies, same general age group.  And you know that the fact that we're all battling sleep issues and we all understand developmental concerns bonds people together faster than you can say "Who's my girl?"

Sunday was church, and I started tutoring again on Sundays.  It works out pretty well.  The Bubba has a couple hours of Lucy time and I'm able to get out and do something intellectually stimulating.  I work for a privately owned tutoring company that is about 5 miles away, and I rode my bike there yesterday.  It's so nice to get back on my bike!  Except for the fact that I'm so painfully out of shape from three months of sitting on my plump duff.  

It was a great weekend, but Lucy's been out of sorts since we didn't really pay any attention to a sleeping schedule, just letting her pass out in our arms whenever, wherever we were.  So last night getting her to bed was a battle.  But she woke up happy this morning and we're going to stay close to home and just lay around here.  We need a day off of doing stuff.


Elizabeth said...

Those busy weekends can be hard on the little ones' schedules, but they are so fun to have once in awhile! She is super cute in her costume!

Kate P said...

Loving the costumes. That's great you have a little posse going there. :)