Friday, November 14, 2008

Fat Pants

I finally broke down and bought myself some "transition" clothes yesterday.

I went to the mall with the intention of taking back some clothes that don't fit Lu.  Which turned out awesome, in fact, because the store I returned them to was having a huge sale.  So now Lucy has two new pants, two shirts, and a jacket.  All in exchange for a couple of little things.  It's a little crazy, but she wears 6-12 month sizes from that store.  Yeesh.

Anyhoo, enough about her, back to me.

I haven't wanted to buy any clothes for this transition period from huge babyness to regular old me.  Partly because I kind of don't want myself to be comfortable in this period.  I would like to get to my old weight as soon as possible and not dally around in clothes that fit this body.  

Also partly because as most of you guys know as well as I do, babies are freaking expensive.  I have had a hard time justifying spending money on clothes that I'll (hopefully) only wear for a couple more months when the hospital bills from the turned-out-to-be-nothing fever just about brought us to our knees.  

Well, I decided that things that cover my rather large posterior slipped from the "want" category into the "need" slot.  I figured everyone would thank me.  And?  As I was walking through the mall yesterday having made this decision, I already started feeling a little better about myself.  

So I went to one of the department stores and decided that a pair of right-now jeans would be in order considering I wear them every single day.  Now, remember that Lucy is in the stroller, her head on a pivot, wanting to see everything at once, getting tired and over stimulated.  Imagine me trapped half naked with her in a tiny dressing room.  No thank you.

But all of a sudden the planets aligned.  Lucy fell asleep!  I found a sale rack with all kinds of jeans!  There was a huge dressing room open!  It was meant to be.

And I found a pair of jeans after only trying on 5  pair.  Not bad if you ask me.  They're not super nice jeans, or sexy or trendy.  Just jeans.  But they fit me, and they're not a heinously large size, which makes me feel pretty good.  They're not the low-rise kind that I've always gotten (since I have slim legs and hips and a belly that's a size or two bigger - I've always had to choose which I'd like to fit) and that made me a little hesitant.  The rise is just below my belly button, which screams middle-aged mom to me,  but they don't give me "mom butt" which was basically my only criteria.

It's funny how one little pair of jeans that fit can make such a difference.  I don't have to squeeze into my regular jeans anymore and the big pregnancy pants are just too big and give me elephant legs.  So jeans that actually fit feel good!  And when I feel better about myself, I start taking better care of myself.  I might even get to the gym tonight.

And then hopefully before too long these will be my new Thanksgiving to Christmas fat pants.


Elizabeth said...

The season is right for transition jeans too, because you can wear longer-ish sweaters and hide the fact that the waist is higher than you'd like. And there is nothing like a comfortable pair of jeans.

Kate P said...

Good move--if you look better (no "mom butt"--hee!), that's a great motivator to keep going. :)

KAO kid said...

I am thrilled for this decision, Lizzie! I have a feeling the clothes I sent were the returns, so I feel slightly responsible for getting you out of the house and on your quest for the perfect pair of "in-between"-jeans! Whoo hoo!
I am also glad to see Lucy is just as talkative as her mama! ;)

Love you tons!

Manda said...

AMEN!! I've sucked it up and bought several pairs. I hate the size, but it's nice to have real pants that don't make me feel like crying when I put them on.
You're inspiring me to go to the gym! Now if you could just get me to stop eating so much junk food...