Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching Up

Well, Hiya!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  It seems I've been busy.  Let me catch you up.

When  I get an idea, I have to follow through to the very end immediately.  I have a real hard time with long term goals - I have to break everything down into daily or weekly goals or nothing at all will get done.  

When I start a book, if it's good (or sometimes if I really hate it and just want to get it over with) I will stay up all hours to finish it even if it takes a couple of days/nights.  When I clean, I start with the bathroom because even just a half hour in there makes a shiny difference.

One could say I'm a fan of instant gratification - though I'm not sure that's entirely accurate.  I don't mind hard work.  I just like to see the fruits of my labors appear very quickly.

Well, I started a project. Last Thursday morning.  And, of course, that means that I can't come up for air until it's done.

You know those baby "gyms" where the baby lays on a mat and the toys hang from bars arced above them?  Well, Lucy LOVES them when she's at friends' houses.  She's entertained and fascinated for a huge chunk of time.  I decided she should have one.  But - did you check out that link? - they're like 60-80 dollars!!  I can't justify that for something she'll enjoy for a matter of months!  And besides?  Half of them light up and play songs and beep and whirl and I find those to be generally OBNOXIOUS and crap.  And I don't want something obnoxious in the middle of my (tiny!) living room for the next 9 months.

When are they going to make baby toys that are not extremely unpleasant to parents??  I know it makes me a huge dork, but I decided to make one myself with my fabric remnants and a couple of clothing items bound for goodwill.

It turned out pretty ok, if you ask me...  Her favorite by far is the star with bells for hands and feet (nice, mellow bell sounds, thankyouverymuch).  She also has a pair of dice with fuzzy dots - as opposed to fuzzy dice.  I even put little  boxes of split peas in them so they rattle (I even MADE the little boxes.  Yeah.  I'm that good.).  And then just a fuzzy red and white poof ball.

So now I have time to be baby-in-arms-less while she explores her little dangly friends!  It's so nice!

Another thing that has allowed me some time not holding a baby that wants to be entertained?  A Bumbo seat.  My little tiny baby looks all big and growns up in her new chair!

She loves sitting tall and being able to see everything going on - so I can actually make dinner!  It only lasts a very limited amount of time thus far, but we're working on getting used to it.

So YAY me!  More blogging and working time!  We will all gain from this, I'm sure.


ccr in MA said...

Oh, look at that face! Doesn't she look like she's proud of herself for sitting up? Adorable!

Elizabeth said...

You are so creative! Love the homemade gym. We got some hand-me-down gyms, but Olivia would only play there when I was sitting right next to her. Didn't do much to free me up for anything other than NOT holding her.

Lindsay said...

Wow. Great job, Liz. Once again, I am impressed. :o)

I completely hear you on the book front. Once I start reading something, it's very difficult for me to tear myself apart from it. It's kind of a problem.

Julie said...

I'm not on twitter, but I couldn't help but noticing your latest comment - I LOVED 'In Bruges'! it was hilarious, and I loved the copious use of the F-word. It was a great movie.

ruthkidd said...

Yikes, adorable baby, but please read the recall on the bumbo. I couldn't live with myself if she got hurt and I hadn't mentioned this!