Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Happened When?

Parenting alone sure is lonely.  So many snaps for single parents.

My Bubba is in San Diego for a few days.  His new building site is there, and he's meeting with architects and owners and telling them all about the structural side of things.  In short, he's having intelligent conversations in meetings, eating delicious food, and sleeping in a cozy boutique hotel in downtown San Diego.

Sounds an awful lot like vacation to me.

I talked to the Bubba last night after all his meetings and whatnot, and he was telling me all about his fun busy day.  Then he asked "what did you do today?"  And really, I could only think of two things that I had done.  I went to the pediatrician and I went to the grocery store.  I even bought myself some sushi so I wouldn't have to cook dinner for just myself.

I swear there was a morning in there somewhere.  During which I did something other than sit and stare at the wall.  But really, nothing came to me.  I imagine that I changed some diapers and fed Lucy and played with her and put her down for naps.  Because that's what normally happens.  But I couldn't think of one specific thing that happened.

No wonder the time flies.  I have entire chunks of days that I've blacked out on.   The routine is so ingrained now that I don't even have to think about it most of the time.  I just feed the baby and play with her and put her down for a nap, do the dishes (or laundry or whatever task is at hand).  Over and over until my Bubba comes home.

I suppose that's the main reason I have this blog, right?  Otherwise I would have no proof that these days even existed!  I need to make sure I document all the fun little anecdotes to prove that I actually do things and experience things.

Lucy just gets more and more fun with her smiles and giggles and coos.  She even makes sounds that sound so remarkably like words that sometimes I have to stop and look over at her to make sure ...  The other day we were jabbering at each other on the changing table, and I asked "Oh, doesn't that feel nice?  To have a clean bum?"  and without a pause she said "nooooooo".  Clear as day.  Hilarious.  And then I scared her with my loud laugh.

Also, on week two of Hot By Thirty, I would like you all to know that I have lost two pounds.  We're going slowly in the right direction.  I think that as the blackout routine with Lucy, I do the same thing with eating.  Just go through the motions and don't really stop to think about what I'm doing.  Some days I'm super on the ball, and I have meals and healthy snacks planned out for myself.  Others, I eat peanut butter on a tortilla because that's the quickest thing I can find and I'm starving because it's 2pm and I've forgotten to eat yet.  And then that is followed by whatever else I can grab...  Anyhoo, I am slowly trying to get myself out of the instant gratification grab and gnosh habits I got into while I was pregnant.

I don't want to slip into the coma of routine every day.   I imagine that's so much easier said than done with an infant.  Take today - it's already noon, and I didn't do much except eat breakfast today.  Of course I did get dressed and get Lucy dressed.  

Ah, little victories.

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Kate P said...

Somehow I suspect Bubba would give you a completely different take on his trip--he probably misses you ladies very much. :)