Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a Difference!

Holy moly - I went to sleep at 10:30 last night and woke up at 8:30 this morning!!

I have been complaining to the management that waking up with Lu has been wearing me down.  It's been three times a night for the past few days - granted some of the times if I just plug her pacifier back in, she usually goes right back to sleep.  But even so, three times is at LEAST two times too many.  The Bubba and I used to share wake-ups, but in the last 4 weeks, he's had a lot going on with work, yadda yadda, and we just got into the routine of me taking care of nighttime things.

I was just thinking the other day (because I joined some fun groups that I will tell you about at some point) that instead of having the Bubba take over for the two hours I'm at a meeting, I should have him take Lucy for two hours while I sleep!

Well!  Last night, the Bubba must have grown super hearing powers because he woke up and took care of the baby before I even realized that she was awake (she cried a little when he put her back to bed).  And THEN?  He took care of her for the morning feeding too!  It was like being on vacation!!  And I got to sleep!!  I love sleep.  If it were a person I would marry it.

On to Lucy updates complete with photos that I promised Grandma (hi Llama!).

It still floors me that from one day to the next this little person changes so much. (btw- I DO change her outfit every now and then, I just HAPPENED to take a bunch of these photos yesterday especially for this post.)

Playing in her crib

Lucy likes to chat with the quilt on her wall and have deep meaningful soul-bearing conversations with her friend the monitor as we change her diaper. We named him Paul. I think he likes her because she laughs at his jokes.

Oh, Paul, you're so funny!

She loves having conversations with us.  She has a whole repertoire of noises now.  She says "heureux" most commonly - she's really good at the guttural sounds.  She also says "eller" every now and then.  Some "looooooo" and a "naanaaanaaa" for excitement.  But mostly, her dialogues are full of ehhhh-oooo's and oooo-aaaaah's with the occasional ccccckkkkk thrown in.  Like I said, she's guttural.

Talking to Daddy

Last Sunday Lucy passed out on our bed while I got ready for church. She's sporting her brand-new big-girl shoes. Also? She peed all over everything possibly as I took this photo and I had to do a quick change of EVERYTHING she was wearing and we were late for church:

Crashed out

Lu's started to watch her hands and grab at her legs and feet on the changing table. So funny to watch her confusion as her hands go by...

Watching the fist very intently.

The Chub!

Lucy has also started to reach out for our faces as we talk to her, or swat at her toys:

Commere, bunny!

And since all of you are OH! SO! CURIOUS!  A photo of yours truly sporting my new haircut:

My new 'do...


Carrie said...

Hurray for sleep! It's amazing how you dont even truly realize how tired you are and then you get some rest and feel SO much better and wonder how you ever coped.

Love Lucy's confusion at her hands. That early wonder at everything is so adorable.

And I'm very impressed with your haircut- the barber shop did a good job!

zeghsy said...

oh i love her little punk 'do. she has a beautiful smile that lights up the room :)

love the new cut. it suits you. long enough to still pull back, i made that mistake right after my daughter was born.

amber theiss said...

HOOORAY for sleep!!!

I love the hair! You look great!

Of course I love seeing how much Lucy has grown and changed over the month. Amazing! Miss you all!

Kate P said...

So much cuteness in one post! Your new 'do included!

Elizabeth said...

I think Mr. Tattoo did a nice job on your hair. And Lucy is TOO CUTE!!!