Friday, October 24, 2008

Shhhh, Sleeping Baby

Good thing you're cute.... 
 Also, doesn't Lucy look really big in this photo?

I know I was just talking about all the sleep I got, but I'd like to complain just a moment about the girl's crazy patterns.  What the heck?  Can babies' sleep patterns change from one day to the next?  Obviously I know the answer is already 'yes' because I'm complaining about it...

So, Lucy's been waking up 2-3 times a night.  If I go in her room to replace her pacifier or comfort her, she invariably wakes up all the way.  If my Bubba goes in there, she will fuss for 30 seconds and go back to sleep.  It became a pseudo argument until we agreed that the Bubba would go in and calm her and if she's still awake after that that I would go in and feed her.  That works out pretty well.

The mystery is this:  the three times wake ups are after a few nights of sleeping through the night.  And then last night, she slept from 10 until 5 (totally awesome, I'll take it!) and then voraciously ate her fill, went back to bed and IS STILL ASLEEP.  It's 9 am.

Lu's current state

I don't understand how I am ever going to have any kind of routine.  Sigh.


Carrie said...

And this is why I finally gave up trying to organize my life around Ethan's naptime and started scheduling naptime around my life. He's always been random like that too. Hopefully Lucy will settle into a better routine soon though.

Emily said...

Honestly, I don't remember getting into a real, solid, scheduled routine until Asher was at least 4 or 5 months old. And I know he was 7 months old before he had a predictable nap pattern (3 naps a day). However, I do remember his wake-up times were so varied then - some mornings, 5am, some mornings, 8. Don't feel like you're supposed to have a schedule yet, it will happen in time!


Elizabeth said...

I think your husband can go in and comfort her because that's all she really needs, but when YOU come in, she smells Momma, which means "All-Night-Buffet", and it wakes her up. So if he's able to get her back to sleep, it's obvious that she doesn't NEED to eat, and maybe she'll start getting into a longer sleeping habit if you keep him on calming duty.