Thursday, October 16, 2008


I went to play at a community center play room with Carrie and Ethan this afternoon.  So fun!  And I'm totally going to be a regular there in the dark damp winters of Seattle.

When I got home, this was waiting for us:

Return address is Sweden!

I LOVE GETTING PACKAGES!!!  Even if they're not for me.  A few months ago, my Bubba was putting our passports away in the safe, and he took out some Kroner.  The Bubba did a fellowship in Sweden in 2004-2005.  You know, dorky engi-nerding stuff.  I went to visit him for a month before I started my job in France that year and rode his second hand military bike all over the area. 

Anyhoo, I digress...

We could have gone and exchanged it at the bank or airport or whatever.  But we thought it'd be more fun to send it to our friend Anders in Sweden and have him pick out something for baby Lucy.

And he did!

Whee!  Presents!

Check out the loot!  She got a Pippi Langstrumpf backpack, a book, and a Sverige sweatsuit.  I'd say she scored big!

But the best part I think?  Is Anders' sense of humor.  He's wicked funny and good at making great puns and jokes in English.  I'm jealous mostly because I'm not nearly as witty and English is my first language.

He writes:

Can you read it?  I'll transcribe it (you don't need to look for your glasses):

Hi Lucy!
Congratulations on your choice of parents.  Remember to treat them with love and respect, and they will serve you well for many years to come.  Should you ever loose control of them you can always lie down and scream.  I've found that trick very helpful myself.  Although in recent years it havn't always been that successful...  Best wishes with your new parents!

PS. You should start by telling them not to read your letters



Carrie said...

Oh, that letter is priceless!

Thanks for hanging out with us today. I think that was the most I've spoken out loud in weeks. It was very therapeutic :) We'll have to do it again soon.

Kate P said...

That is some awesome Swedish swag. The letter is hilarious! What is the book about?