Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Gonna Be Hot By Thirty

I'm so ready for this week to be over, and it's only Wednesday.  I've been sick for over a week now with this migrating grossness.  First it was muscle sensitivity and a headache.  Then it was just a headache.  Then it was a sore throat.  Now it's all settled in my chest.  I'm ready to feel normal, for the love of all that is holy.

Add to that the fact that my Bubba has a deadline coming up for work and has to do about 4 weeks worth of work by tomorrow.  He's been leaving for work at around 5 am and coming home around 7 hungry and tired.

Add to that a baby that doesn't want to be left alone or won't let herself sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time and wishes she had a personal entourage because she's a rock star with everyone but me right now.

Also, just to shake things up a bit, I started Hot By Thirty.  This is Maggie's genius idea to lose baby weight and get in shape by the time we turn 30 next year.  That gives me until May and while I will not tell you just how much I weigh, I will tell you that Lucy left behind about 30 pounds that she was supposed to take with her.  And the weight isn't hanging out in my legs/hips/thighs - it's entirely restricted to my belly and milk factory - I look a little like a marshmallow on a couple of toothpicks.

I've never really had to diet - outside of pregnancy, my weight has fluctuated around 10 pounds or so.  I'm not the skinniest girl in the crowd, but I've always been comfortable in my skin.  I've come to accept that my body is as it is.  We eat really healthy, home-made (mostly by yours truly) meals and in moderation.  I pride myself on my cooking skills and our love of tasty fresh ingredients.  

So it's hard to break the nasty habits I formed when Lucy was begging for that ice cream in utero.  I ate everything I wanted.  I mean, who was I to deny my fetus the frosting-filled doughnut she wanted so badly?  I figured that as long as I stayed active (and I did) that things would melt off when they were supposed to.

5 weeks after giving birth, I had my OB checkup and weight check and I had dropped 22 pounds from pregnancy.  My OB congratulated me, but I was all "wasn't like 15 of that baby and whatnot?"  And then how much of that was water weight?  All the rest?  What I've learned:  pregnancy weight is just weight.  Like any other weight.  

I have friends (and my 100 pound sister is included here) who loses every ounce of baby weight and more mere months after giving birth.  And they try to convince you it's because of breastfeeding.  I am now avoiding you and your weight loss tips.  I'm sorry, but maybe my baby isn't that hungry because my scale hasn't budged an ounce from that last doctor's checkup.  

And now I have 30 friends hanging around my midsection and I have to go on a diet.  And exercise.  Just like any other time.  Sigh.  I was SO hoping there'd be some sort of magic baby-weight melting charm someone would sell me.

Thus begins Hot By Thirty.  I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought all kinds of yummy healthy things with which to fuel my body.  Right now, my main motivation is getting out of my "transition" clothes (read: I JUST HAD A BABY clothes) which includes approximately 4 shirts, two pants and a dress.  I'm tired of wearing the same darn thing every day!

Lets just hope that I can successfully avoid the mid-week sugar breakdown.


Carrie said...

You can do it! I agree, eating-because-you're-pregnant weight is much harder to lose than actual baby weight. Although I still blame Ethan for the extra weight. :)

I was at my goal weight when I was 28, then I got married and gained 10 pounds, then I got pregnant and gained 40 pounds, and now here I am pregnant again, and 25 pounds above my goal weight. Whoops. I'll start a hot by 33 challenge after this one shows up or something.

Hope you feel better soon!

Emily said...

Mmmmm, I'd love to know what you bought to eat. When I was on Weight Watchers after having Asher, I ate lots of low-fat Laughing Cow spreadable cheese on crackers and ate strawberries with frozen fat-free Cool Whip (sometimes I could convince myself it was ice cream). Good luck! You'll do great.