Monday, October 27, 2008

Ambiguity is One of My Strong Suits

I always tell my study skills students that time can be ambiguous.  Make it concrete by writing down what you do when.  This way, we figure out together some sort of theory of time management that makes sense with them.

So, after a conversation with a colleague, I applied the concept to myself.  I've been Crazy Chart Lady lately.

I figured I'd map out my day and both the Bubba and I could see how much I actually do during the day.  Then, as a bonus, I could see when would be a good time for me to fit in going to the gym, or to rearrange what gets done when in order to have more QLT or more couple time.  I suggested that my Bubba do the same thing, and then we could talk about when/how much Lucy time he gets and make sure he gets QAT for his hobbies too.

I'd love to chart Lucy's napping and whatnot too, but I've actually decided to ignore it.  I DID rearrange her napping a little thinking that she'd sleep better at night if she didn't sleep so much in the morning...  Well, last night she slept from 9:15 to 5, then ate and slept until 8!  That just rocks my world - our days are so different when Mommy gets good sleep!

I would report on how fabulously the time management going, but today's just the first day that I'm applying this concept.  I've been hyper aware of every minute of my day, and so far, I haven't wasted any of it.  It's kinda nice!  Work work, worker bee!  I'll let you know if any changes come of it...

I also made a graph for my Hot By Thirty progress and stuck it up on the fridge.  So that I can see the line with the nice (little) negative slope when I'm not in a very nice-to-myself mood.  Also so that I don't root around in the fridge when I'm not really hungry.  I went through all my clothes.  I put away the maternity stuff, I sorted all the mini skirts and things that are illegal for moms over thirty into a pile to go to the Goodwill, and I have a box of my regular wardrobe with "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL [GOAL WEIGHT]" on it.  That way, I don't have to sift through all the lovely things that don't fit and then get down on myself for not losing the weight fast enough.

I'm on top of things (for the moment)!  HAZZAH!

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Carrie said...

Wow. And you seem so normal and un-crazy in person... ;)

Just kidding- I'm impressed by your energy and organizational skills! I'm fairly organized myself, but never thought of charting my daily activities! I wouldnt even want to know how much time would go under "reading/writing blogs, randomly looking at stuff on the internet".

Good luck with the organizing!