Friday, October 17, 2008

All Day Thing

Getting out of the house is a huge process.  In fact, leaving the house to do much of anything is an All Day Event.  For example, today I have a lunch with some girlfriends I haven't seen in ages.  One hasn't met Lucy yet, that's how long it's been.  

I have to start getting ready to go as soon as Lucy gets up.  We usually start our day around 7-7:30.  

I try to make sure that her nursing schedule is going to coincide with times that I can actually nurse her.  Meaning I have to be sure she won't be hungry while we're in the car, in a super crowded restaurant in the U District at lunchtime with people that don't have kids and don't want to watch a lady nurse, etc.  Before, I would just nurse her before I left regardless of when she just ate, but I found that that screws with the afternoon "schedule" (such as it is) too much.

So, Lucy has first breakfasts at 7:30 or so, she had a bath this morning (so I can present her all shiny and clean and smelling like baby to my friends!), and she's now napping.  Now it's my turn.  I have to eat, (blog) shower and get in some sort of going-out-in-public shape myself and this is the nap time to do it.  

Then Lucy'll wake up, have a change, second breakfasts, and then we'll start the process of gathering whatever we'll need for our outing.  In this case, change for the parking meters, cash for lunch, paper diapers (because cloth diapers are such a pain to lug around - they're HUGE and I never want to deal with rinsing out poopy diaps in a restaurant bathroom.  Just not good mommy sense), etc, etc, etc.

I was thinking the other day, that if we were on our parents' schedules, well, besides the fact that we'd have 2 or 3 kids by now, we'd be pregnant with our next in the not-so-distant future.  How in the world is that even feasible?   How in the world would I ever get out of the house with two?  The planning alone would kill me.

I'd have to start the process the night before.


Elizabeth said...

When Olivia was smaller, I'd plan days in advance for an outing. It is a big ordeal. It's easier now that she's walking and napping once and less interested in bottles when there's SO MUCH TO SEE!

amber theiss said...

It does get easier... I promise!

Lindsay said...

I often think about the fact that if I were on my mom's sched I have 1 kid and be pregnant with another by now...sometimes I am envious, sometimes not.