Thursday, October 30, 2008

12 weeks

Oh how the time does fly...  My baby is 12 weeks old today!

Cute hat courtesy of Enza!

Life sure does run away with you, doesn't it?  While you're busy rinsing out diapers and gazing adoringly into the (still blue!) eyes of your behbeh...

Lucy's been practicing her laugh, but so far it's a loud catch in her throat.  Also?  She's practicing rolling over.  She'll get to the point where her arm is pinned and her body's at an angle and then she'll freak out.  No more leaving her on the changing table!


Carrie said...

She's so totally cute! Ethan thinks so too ;) hope to see you guys again soon.

-R- said...

That HAT! Aaaa! Cutest ever!