Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Hog

Home again, home again jiggity jog!!

All of Lucy's cultures turned out negative after 48 hours, and we're HOME!  Thanks for all the love and prayers, people.  I know they helped.

The pediatrician we saw in the morning said that everything looked fine, she just had the one more dose of antibiotics and we'd be good to go.  Those darn antibiotics.  I thought they were helping Lucy, but since nothing was growing in her cultures, she didn't have any sort of bacterial infection.  So they didn't do anything but give her diarrhea and a raw red bum.  Lucy screams every time we change her diaper now, and I feel awful about it.  Ah well.  The price we're paying for precautionary measures.

The doc also said that if anything else ever happens to Lucy...  she trailed off her sentence and pointed with both hands at the floor.  She was gently chiding me for bringing Lucy to a regular emergency room.  Like I should have known (not getting defensive, these are just things no one tells you until you feel like a jerk and a bad mom for not knowing).  She mentioned that on Sunday we happened to choose the only ER in the area without a pediatric section.  Awesome.  That was an expensive lesson that we learned.

One other interesting thing the doc mentioned was that Lucy's development would probably slow down.  She asked if Lucy'd been smiling or cooing or anything yet, and we said that she was pretty much on the verge, she does it sometimes but not consistently.  The doc said that all Lucy's energies would go toward making her all the way better and not toward learning new skills for probably the next week.  Except that Lucy's been smiling a lot since we've been home.  I think she likes it better here than in the hospital...

Poor little thing!

Not feeling very well, but showing off her chins anyway.

She struggled out of her swaddle and then passed out

Evidently Lucy has a virus of some sort that we just need to watch and make sure doesn't change at all as she recovers.  I'm so relieved.  Relieved that Lucy just has to get over her first flu bug, relieved that the hospital ordeal is over.

I figure this is good parental conditioning.  Next time something happens - oh, you're throwing up?  Big deal, I've seen you have a blood draw by someone who works on adults!  Broken limb?  Hah! I've watched you get a spinal tap!  Maybe it'll be just that little bit easier.  The first time just had to break the ice.

I didn't realize the exact extent to which that hospital stay and the stress was taxing me.  When we got home, we ate some dinner and I crashed hard.  Good thing my Bubba is the sweetest man in the history of the world, he took some of the pumped milk in the fridge and took over two feedings.  I slept from 7:30 yesterday evening until 4 this morning without even moving.  Blessed, heavenly, blackout sleep.  I also lost 4 pounds over the last three days, but I'm not really counting that as a bad thing right now.

The Bubba had to travel to San Francisco for work today.  So I'm on my own with Lucy again.  But at least we're not confined to one room!  I'm looking forward to taking it easy and relaxing in our comfy little house with my poor little only under-the-weather baby.  Whew!


Carrie said...

It's true, you will be the calmest first-time-mom ever after this.

The thing about the emergency room is something I didn't know either, but fortunately someone told us that after Ethan was born. And we haven't needed it either, which is also nice. :)

amber theiss said...

So glad that Lucy is home! Thank goodness that you were able to get some much needed rest. Give my niece a squeeze!!

Love you all!

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you are home and that little Lucy is feeling better.
I would imagine she'll be hearing about the heart attack she nearly gave you in the first bit of her life for the rest of her life :)

If it makes you feel better I had NO idea there were different types of ER's or that it made a difference which one you went to. It's not really something you ask about ahead of time when you're trying to get your head above water as a new mom.

Anonymous said...

Lucy is home Marge and i are so glad that all is well. We are especially glad that mom is getting some sleep. We talked about how you would crash last evening and here it came true.
Mike and marge

Kate P said...

Hallelujah! Yay that everybody's back where they're supposed to be, and that Lucy's continuing on the mend. (Maybe you can get your hands on some calendula ointment to heal up that sore little tushie?)