Monday, September 8, 2008

Game Day

Saturday morning the Bubba ran to the store and came home with a purple T-shirt for me, a purple hat for himself, and a purple warm-up suit for the Bugga-boo.

Then we packed a bomb shelter's worth of crap into the diaper bag and headed to the stadium for the UW game.  


I'll spare you my game day commentary, mostly because I'll just get mad and chances are you won't care....  I'll just leave it at "it was a good time."

The stadium was so loud that there were times I was worried about Lucy's ears.  In fact, the noise put her straight into a coma.  I actually had to go to a quieter place outside the stadium and wake her up to eat (that's never happened before.  See: Good Eater and also: Roly Poly Baby).

This is what she looked like for ninety percent of the game:

You're missing the kickoff!

Our little fam!

I was surprised at how many infants were at the game!  Maybe it's just the awareness that comes with having a child myself, but it seemed like everyone was hauling babies around in Bjorns.  Three just in our little section!  The girl that took the photo of the three of us had a 5 month old strapped to her.  And there were a couple of big pregnant ladies that came to see Lucy too.

The Bubba (in his infinite creativity) decided that Lucy needed a little something extra to go with her new purple outfit since the sweatshirt said LOVE across the front and not GO UW.  So He got out his T-shirt printing stuff and made this:

Look how big my baby is already!

Which is awesome, but check out the back:

We only got a couple of laughs out of that because it was too sunny/breezy to keep her sweatshirt off.  And otherwise she was in the Bjorn the whole time.  In her coma.  As soon as we left the stadium and the noise, though, she was all about checking out campus.

It was a pretty awesome day.


maggie said...

Wait wait wait- Bubba has T-SHIRT PRINTING STUFF?

Lindsay said...

Haha, I love it!

Carrie said...

Great shirt- I'm glad you guys had a fun day out!

Kate P said...

Her first game, how exciting! Even if she, uh, kinda wasn't conscious.

Lindsay said...

This here is AWESOME! Possibly my favoritest post ever of yours. Also I think I love the internet because it is a place where one can use all caps and make up words to add the emphasis and tone always lacking in written word. But that is neither here nor there. Patiently awaiting the day when I get to buy my own kid cutesy uni stuff.

Elizabeth said...

She is so adorable! And may I say, you look pretty great yourself. Motherhood suits you.