Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sleep: the Hottest Commodity

I've been getting better at rearranging my schedule to sleep when Lucy sleeps.  Mostly.  It's still kind of hard not to put her down and think "I have a couple hours to myself!" and then do things like dishes or laundry and maybe even shower!  All this is well and good, and I can sleep when the baby goes down, but what happens when the baby just doesn't go down?

Sunday night was a rough one.  I was super sleepy all day yesterday.  Lucy didn't sleep that much - she just wanted to be up playing with me.  She'd cry and so I'd pick her up, but then she just wanted to be held and squeezed and loved.  Normally I'd jump at the chance to oblige such a sweet request, but it's two in the morning, child!  Sleeping is good too!

Last night, by contrast, was surprisingly ok, although I still am tired from Sunday night I think.  We both went to bed around 9ish, she woke up at 11, 2, 5 and 7.  Not too shabby.  Of course it takes a half hour to feed her and then another half to change her diaper (what goes in must come out) and get her back to sleep...  So there's work and time involved in there.

The ever lovely and mighty Maggie came for a visit yesterday afternoon (and brought stir fry for our dinner which was wicked awesome - I could thrive on other people bringing me dinner every night.  It's just so CONVENIENT and EASY and INTERESTING and DELICIOUS.)  She wanted to hear Lucy's birth story.  I just wasn't prepared for the interest people would have in the actual birthing process.  I myself have never thought of asking the play-by-play of a delivery before.  (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the attention, and I think our story is pretty entertaining complete with plot twists, villains, heros, and a happy ending involving a princess!)  But I guess, now that I know, I want to know other women's stories too.  

So Maggie and I were discussing sleep and the sweetness of it, and her experience breast/tube/bottle feeding Jack.  She mentioned that pumping was awesome because then her husband could help with one feeding per night.  THAT SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN.  I was doing the calculations in my head: we could each get 6 hours of sleep at a time if we shared the night feeding!!  After a night like Sunday, I'm ready to listen to the virtues of pumping.

According to the breast feeding class the Bubba and I giggled sat through, if we're interested in pumping and bottle feeding, we should wait 4-5 weeks to ensure that the baby has a good relationship with breast feeding and will take both bottle and breast.  Another book that I read suggests that one could introduce bottles as soon as breast feeding is well established.  So, internets, when is the proper time to share nightly nosh-fests with a boobless partner?  

I'm thinking two weeks is enough for boobies exclusively considering Lucy has been teaching me about this breast feeding thing more than vice-versa.  Even in the hour after her birth she had a great latch and was showing me how it's done.  We've been pretty lucky in that department.  Do you think I'll screw it up by throwing a bottle in the mix?

Or will the sleeping be worth it?


Carrie said...

you'll adapt to the sleeplessness soon, I promise!

Ethan was on a bottle for a feeding or two within a week of birth. He never had any problems with confusion. Good luck!

Tara said...

Found your blog from Maggie's site-- congrats on your new little one. She's a doll!

As far as the breast/bottle thing goes, I'm no help. We waited the 3-4 weeks or whatever it was, tried about 20 different types of bottles (over the period of a year) and she never took one. Hopefully you will have better luck! I'm hoping that our darling daughter #2 will be more receptive as well.

The sleeping WILL get better, even if it is eventually, which was our case.

Elizabeth said...

I say whatever gives you some moments of sanity, DO IT NOW.

Just use the newborn flow nipples and a bottle with venting and you'll be fine, I think. And heck, she may hate a bottle, so better to find out now!

maggie said...

CORRECTION: Pumping is EVIL! I only started because I had to. And then I only kept it up because I decided lack of sleep was MORE evil and if Phillip could give J a bottle in the middle of the night, I would make it happen! (Also, leaving the house for more than an hour was nice too.)

I think I told you we gave J a bottle at 2 weeks, per the nurses' instructions, worked like a dream. I wouldn't say breastfeeding had been established by any means, but we got better at that as well. Of course, all kids are different.

Oh, and I think birth stories are our equivalent of war stories. I was never interested until I'd done it myself- and now it's hard not to jump in with, "Well, during MY birth blah blah blah!"

Elizabeth said...

I have no experience with switching from breast to bottle, but I will say that if it can help you become a better rested, happier Mommy, it is worth the try. Try the natural shape bottles that are designed to be used alongside breastfeeding, and maybe she'll adjust well. The important thing to remember is that as much as you try to do what is best for her, if you exhaust yourself in the process, you decrease your ability to be the best Mommy you can be. So your sleep is important too.